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  1. Oh hey I decided to go for RISD as well. See you in September!
  2. Congrats all!! Me too wow haha I still have interviews left, Artcenter and Calarts. But RISD is my first choice so I might accept the offer.
  3. Me too ! Congratulations to you and me!
  4. Did anyone receive acceptance from RISD Digital+Media department? I got informed during the interview that the department will get back in touch on February 20th which is today. and didn't get anything from the department yet.. so I'm getting nervous!
  5. Surprisingly there were 5 panels. and they asked 1)Why are you applying to DM RISD? 2)What's your goal through Graduate program? 3)Choose a work from your portfolio and talk about the process. 4)Plan after graduation? 5)Any collaborative experience? 5)Questions the interview took 14mins.
  6. I got an invitation from ArtCenter, Media Design Practice department.
  7. Thank you!! I wonder how long did the interview take?
  8. Is there anyone applied for Artcenter Media Design Practice or Parsons Design and Tech?
  9. Yeah that's weird ? Anyway, hope to see you on campus in September!
  10. Okay, I just got an interview request via email from SAIC Art&Tech.
  11. Same here Waiting for Calarts art and tech, SAIC art and tech and Artcenter MDP. Finger crossed to both of us!
  12. Guys I just received an interview invitation email from RISD, digital media department.
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