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  1. Hey all, Just found a program I'm wishing I had found 3 months ago, and even though I've missed the priority deadline (jan15) they're still viewing applications on a rolling basis til July. Is it worth it to apply this cycle? or Wait til next year? I'm conflicted, I've already started the application for program this fall but I'm getting the feeling I should wait til next year.
  2. Rejected from OSU via email .
  3. Got an acceptance from SAIC! Im so relieved!
  4. Me too, @EastCoastPhoto, me too. 😕 I'm wondering how common it is to interview and still get rejected? Some people already got acceptances from SAIC and I'm trying to hold out hope but I am Soooooo nervous.
  5. I emailed my interviewers at SAIC as a thank you and one of them included this sentence in their email! "I've put in my recommendations for the department, and I hope you hear back soon!" Im sincerely hoping that means he recommended me for the program! omg! Surely he wouldn't say that if I wasn't accepted right? Lol I am nervous wreck!
  6. I feel like my interview went really really well, I can only hope for a generous funding package if I'm accepted. I'm so worried about funding.
  7. Thank you! I am soooooo nervous! I'm interviewing in person today!
  8. Just last minute finished an application to Herron here in Indianapolis as it's looking like rejections from my top choices. Fingers crossed.
  9. Ffffuuuuuuuuuu- So its probably an assumed rejection at this point, I guess. Thanks for the info, though!
  10. Has anyone here heard from Ohio State or UIC? I just got my funding info from my fallback and it is... underwhelming. I'm really hoping for some positive news from UIC or OSU, now, because otherwise I'm not going to grad school this year. 😕
  11. @JadeySheng Here are some potential questions from earlier in the thread. I'm also interviewing with SAIC and it's so close I'm almost panicking. Are you attending the interview in person or via Skype?
  12. I can't directly answer this question but on page 22 on this thread there were a couple pages of potential questions thrown out for those with interviews, in general.
  13. I wasn't rejected by SAIC but from what I gather their interview weekend is this upcoming weekend (I have an interview with the art and tech Dept). I heard someone else say they've sent all interview letters out by now.
  14. I'm waiting in funding info from Cincinnati. Was accepted a week ago, was told I could expect funding information within a week. Trying to be patient.
  15. To anyone who has interviewed (anywhere), what were some questions you were asked? I'm trying to prep a little bit for my interview at SAIC and I have no idea what to expect.
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