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  1. Ty - fingers crossed for both of us!
  2. I also applied to ASU and just sent them an email asking about timeline / if they held interviews; I'll let you know what I get in response!
  3. Anyone who interviewed hear from SAIC printmedia yet?
  4. Haha same, clearly they *really* don't want me
  5. Anyone who interviewed with VCU heard back yet? And did anyone else apply to either ASU or UT Knoxville?
  6. Hey! I had mine yesterday and felt the same way; they were nice but we stuck to the script and I feel like I have no sense of how it went. So you're not alone!
  7. Hello! I've been lurking on this forum for a while, but in the interest of information-sharing wanted to say that I was contacted for an interview with SAIC a few weeks ago and with VCU this morning (printmaking concentration for both)
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