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  1. I haven’t heard anything from Washington state either 🤷🏽‍♀️
  2. Long - I have many thoughts. This is what worked best for me, and what I need/want out of my practice. May not be what you're looking for/thinking about. I wasn't going to grad school this year if I had to go more than 10-20k in debt. I mean realistically - if you take out 60-70k in student loans, have a 10 year repayment plan, and have an interest rate of 6% you're looking at over $700 as your monthly student debt payment. That's a lot!!!!! The best program, in my opinion, is a program that allows your work to grow to the fullest, including after you graduate. A program that puts yo
  3. Rejection from University of Michigan via email!
  4. Yes! I got accepted to penn state but have been trying to reach them to figure out when the decision deadline is and nobody is answering or returning my emails. Also have heard nothing about financial aid. If I apply to scholarships, will I hear back before the deadline? Gah I am dying, because I definitely cannot go if I don’t get enough financial aid.
  5. Just got accepted to Penn State via Email!!! I am crying, this is so incredibly validating because I wasn't even going to apply this year because I didn't think my work was ready or good enough. Also this forum rocks you all rock, everybody rocks.
  6. Omg you guys I haven't checked my analytics for weeks and I just saw that my website got viewed by every single city I have applied to omg. I could cry, it feels so real now. Now I know why you guys were posting about analytics so hardcore earlier. I have the sweats.
  7. @justaylor I am also waiting around for U Mich and U of O. So far I have only heard back from SAIC for PostBac and I am pretty sure the other Chicago schools I applied to have already had interviews. So, I am telling myself I am probably not going to get an MFA this year and I am making plans as if I am not getting in anywhere, because I would rather it be a huge surprise than a crushing disappointment. Black and white thinking, I know, but then.... what a great payoff! And it lights a fire under my butt to be optimize my studio schedule and make more work as opposed to worrying about acceptan
  8. Ok so for the SAIC Postbac interviews - they have both in-person and skype interviews. Is there a benefit to going in-person over Skype in terms of making an impression? Or do you guys think I should save my money and try and do the Skype?
  9. Has anyone heard anything from University of Chicago, University of Illinois Chicago, SAIC Printmedia, or U Mich? I haven’t seen any updates on this forum for those guys.
  10. I just received a similar letter! I am not straight out of undergrad, but am switching career paths from a science day job to art. Hopefully we get into full MFAs but I wouldn’t be discouraged by it!
  11. I would say it's probably a departmental thing. I think people said SAIC Painting got calls, someone in another department (fashion??) got emails. I believe acs0000 applied for new media. My big question is - why not use the pony express or owl? Just imagine a dusty acceptance letter with weather worn edges showing up at your door in the claws of an owl. Great publicity.
  12. In the mail?! What is this 1982?! I wouldn't be surprised if some letters are delayed due to the PoLaR VoRtEx. ?️ Also - CONGRATS!!
  13. If I had a dollar for every time I opened my gmail over the past few days, I could afford another round of application fees.
  14. I did too. Maybe now is the time to bingewatch a show and try to not think about it until we hear back haha. It's excruciating!
  15. I applied to 9 schools! Knowing that admissions chooses cohorts that work together (obviously varying by school), really made me think it would be better to cast a wider net. Luckily just by showing up to some online portfolio reviews and meeting with admissions folks who were travelling city to city, I received admissions waivers. Highly recommend those avenues and signing up for their online information in order to take advantage of those as resources to help cover costs. I have also been checking my analytics but am honestly more confused by some of the international hits I have had - o
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