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  1. Has anyone heard from UT Knoxville?
  2. I got a rejection email last week after interviewing two weeks prior.
  3. I’ve been waiting to hear for painting as well from UT Knoxville... nothing 😞
  4. Congrats! I applied to Tennessee and haven’t heard anything, still holding out hope!
  5. They sent an email to login to their system for the letter.
  6. Just received a rejectection from University of CO, so sad 😭
  7. Congrats! I’m waiting to hear from them.
  8. I phone interviewed with Colorado Boulder today and it was a pleasant chat. They asked the basic questions of why going to grad school now, why their school, some general questions about my art and future.
  9. I received a call for an interview for CO Boulder, hooray! Patiently waiting for others!
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