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  1. I am a current MFA student with no involvement in my school's application process. I'm just here for curiosity's sake. But, student committees are a thing some places and who's to say someone else isn't lurking? I have had professors say they look up social media accounts. In high school I once got in trouble for saying something about a teacher on a deviantart forum. How they found it I'll still never know. Just looking out for y'all on the other side.
  2. Likewise, I am able to exchange information and express feelings as well (even if they contradict yours) so I did. Carry on.
  3. EXTREMELY poor taste bashing a schools' faculty on an internet forum after an interview regardless of how you perceived the interview to have gone. This could very well come back to haunt you. You have no idea what faculty might be lurking on these forums and some schools include current MFA students in the application review process, who might be active or lurking these forums as well.
  4. My BFA is in sculpture. I did a post-bacc in k-12 art education a couple years later to get some teaching experience while continuing to build up my portfolio. This proved to be extremely beneficial to me since I was able to be a TA my first semester of grad school in a program where most students don't start TAing until second or third year, in part because I had this prior teaching experience even though it was at k-12 level. As someone who wants to be a professor, my post-bacc has already given me an edge. I also know a ceramics grad student who did 2 post-baccs in ceramics and speaks very
  5. I sent snail mail thank you notes to my interviewers' offices afterwards, but nothing wrong with email either. I dont think it's something that's expected, but it seems like a nice gesture.
  6. I agree with what others have said about getting a feel for your personality. My interview at SU last year was very similar, but went well from my perspective. I was a nervous wreck for my interviews but found that one to be oddly not so uncomfortable as the rest. I got in, and have been working very closely with the professor that interviewed me. We just clicked. Admittedly yes, there is some level of subjectivity. On a slightly broader scale, and I can't speak for all schools, there is an importance on building a cohort, so when making decisions there will be consideration about w
  7. Most schools wait until after their application deadline has passed and they've had time to review applicants to start calling folks for interviews, so I wouldn't be concerned about a lack of interview action this early in the game!
  8. I applied there for sculpture last year and just sent what they asked for, so my artist statement. I did get an interview with them but ultimately I was rejected. Rejection was probably due not so much on what was in or not in my application but more to the fact that I was nervous wreck for my interview and couldn't put together a coherent sentence about my own work. ?
  9. Fellow sculptor here. ? I would be wary of any editing that isn't just your basic lighting or spot correction. I think you'd be better off actually rephotographing the work in front of a different color background (if possible) rather than doing it digitally. Regardless, I'd stick with a neutral color, unless your work is meant to be part of a larger installation where you would make the walls a less traditional color when displaying them in real life.
  10. I'm going to Syracuse in fall for their MFA program in studio art!
  11. Got accepted to RIT the other day! My acceptance email said that I did receive a scholarship and assistantship but the details will follow. So at this point, it's looking like it's going to come down to Syracuse or RIT. Still no word from Syracuse about an assistantship. They're my first choice for sure but if I don't get an assistantship it is a deal breaker. :/
  12. Got my official rejection letter from Alfred sculpture today. Womp womp.
  13. I took a couple classes at a local college as a non-degree student last semester and just recently got an email from something vague like "Student Services" with the subject line "Congratulations!" so naturally I freaked out. Then I clicked on it and it was just said college congratulating me on my 4.0 last semester. I damn near threw my phone across the room.
  14. Literally every time I get an email notification on my phone my heart skips a beat and I actually think this whole process is taking years off my life.
  15. Good luck! My interview with Syracuse sculpture was pretty informal and minimally stress-inducing. Hope photo is the same way for you!
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