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  1. Hey, fellow Rhet/Comp people! It's hard to keep track of R/C in the Decisions thread, so I wanted to ask here if anyone has officially accepted anywhere yet! Especially interested to see whether or not anyone will be joining me at Syracuse in the Fall.
  2. I officially accepted at Syracuse on Thursday! I couldn’t be more excited.
  3. Hi all! I’m wondering who else might be going to Syracuse this fall. I’m going to be entering the Composition and Cultural Rhetoric PhD program! Let’s all pump ourselves up/convince ourselves that we’ll be able to handle all the snow.
  4. Got my first acceptance! Syracuse Composition and Cultural Rhetorics sent me a very lovely email. I’m crying from the happiness and excitement.
  5. Just got an acceptance email from Syracuse. I’m crying from happiness!
  6. The waitlist w/o interview was two years ago, and the rejection w/o interview was last year. I'm guessing that it just varies on the person. I'm new to interviews in general--this was my first one--so I'm just info-dumping stuff I've heard from fellow students in my program. My advisor gave me the best advice (I think) on this and just said that the interview absolutely doesn't mean you're accepted, but it's never a bad thing, and that no school is going to do an interview with people they aren't interested in. So whatever happens, we can all feel good about getting the interview. I know
  7. Just a tidbit of info I have-- two people I know applied to Syracuse in previous years. One was rejected and never had an interview, one was waitlisted and never had an interview.
  8. Both times I've applied to grad programs, I've thanked my letter writers with a nice handwritten card and I've baked something for them. It was my way of doing something a *little* extra for them, but without the complicated monetary aspect. All three of my letter writers this time around love either my handmade raviolis or biscotti, so they got packages of either one.
  9. Hi everyone! Just thought I'd add my voice to the mix very late in the game. I also got a phone interview with Syracuse, and I think (???) I did well? Both people on the phone seemed to like my answers (or they at least had good follow up questions), and they both said they were very interested in my work, so I guess now is when I just cross my fingers and wait for the end of the month. At least I have company!
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone! I've been weighing the options and I'm thinking I'm going to go for an iPad. I'm mostly interested in note-taking apps (Goodnotes sounds divine). I've switched to digital note-taking even though I prefer handwritten because I end up rewriting all of my notes anyway, so I might as well save some paper. I also figured that it would be nice to have something for recreation too--I have a super bad habit of trying to focus on Only Work At All Times, so I feel like something that encourages more opportunities for rest will be good for me. I'm looking into t
  11. Hey everyone! I hope the accept/decline period of this process has been treating you all well. Here's my situation: got a text from my grandma asking about a graduation present and she told me she wants to either get me a new computer or buy me an iPad. I just upgraded my computer over the summer, so that's not necessary, but I'm looking into the iPad. The thing is, she's being very generous with this gift and I want to make absolutely sure that it's worth it to get an iPad. I would hate to say I want one and then it turns out that there's not much I can use it for and it was a waste of
  12. My top choice school was a January 15th deadline. I was advised by a lot of my professors (many of whom also wrote my letters) to call them if I hadn't heard back by today. Called this morning and found out that they've been about three weeks behind on decisions but they're sending out the first round of acceptances via snail mail and email today and tomorrow. This is bringing a whole new meaning to "wine, wait, and whine". Can't wait till my classes are over so I can bust out some Syrah. I'm also wearing a very Stevie Nicks inspired outfit today in order to give me some witchy confidence vibe
  13. Hi everyone! I hope the waiting process is somewhat tolerable for you all. I'm crossing my fingers for those of you still waiting! Would anyone happen to know anything about when UW-Madison sends out notifications for MA applicants? I'm very anxious to hear back.
  14. Another gem from Purdue's PhD in Sociology: "Not gonna come to this school anyway if I got accepted! Already decided to join WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better school! Who the f*** wanna live for five years in Indiana (I mean it is in the middle of corn fields)? *evil laugh*" ...... what?
  15. Stanford University, English (PhD): "In hindsight, it was probably a bad decision to include an LOR from Guy Fieri."
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