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  1. Hi blomnosgrad! I was also accepted to the Comp Lit program at Rutgers. I'm trying to decide between this program and another. May I ask how you came to your decision to pick Rutgers? Did you visit the school already? I'm visiting next week.
  2. Thanks for starting this thread, I'm also transitioning from an unrelated professional career to academia. Some great advice here! Some schools posts sample reading lists of students who've taken their candidacy or comprehensive exams, I was thinking of using those lists as a jumping point to begin reading stuff I haven't yet. You could also look around on google scholar/google books to find relevant texts, you can access a lot of stuff for free.
  3. Do people have tips on what to ask/look for during recruitment visits? And is anyone here going to the Penn State comp lit recruitment weekend or visiting the U Michigan comp lit program soon?
  4. I would try not stress about it, you just rounded up and they will understand.
  5. I'm in the same position. My good friend and I applied to one of the same programs, however for some very good reasons, that was the only application she submitted. I've already been accepted to that program, as well as another one, and would feel absolutely horrible if she didn't get in at all! So like you, I'm hoping she has just not announced her acceptance yet.. I just need to build up the courage and ask
  6. Laughing at a typo I just found in my writing sample. I had quoted a line of poetry which goes something like "wearing overalls or pants" but wrote "pans" instead of pants.
  7. I didn't imagine that the waiting would be so hard, but it's truly anxiety inducing. I'm trying to distract myself by cooking a lot more, watching the X Files and all the wine.
  8. No, I think you're right that most of them understand. As long as it's not weeks late it should be fine! Is Michigan one of the schools you're waiting to hear from? And wow, 17 applications! You're a superhero-- I did ten and almost had a mini breakdown.
  9. Thank you! It's the Comp Lit program. I thought for sure I had very little chance, then one of my LORs was a bit late and I thought it was over.
  10. Thanks for your response We'll see what happens. Congratulations again!! What a great program and in a awesome city.
  11. Congrats to those accepted to UChicago Comp Lit! Anyone want to claim them? Wondering if all the acceptances have gone out at the point.
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