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  1. I have the same question. Because this is a problem that is likely to affect almost everyone planning to matriculate in fall 2020, I actually think it makes sense to try organizing communications with other admitted students (as in to say: we cannot consider accepting this offer if we cannot know, by April 15, that our seats in the program and funding package will be protected in the case of a delayed or altered start to the fall 2020 semester), or even to appeal to the consortium of many schools that agree on the April 15 deadline, to also form an agreement about protecting incoming students,
  2. is anybody else afraid that incoming cohorts will be forced to reapply, if programs are suspended/schools don't open normally in the fall ..?
  3. i am completing undergrad right now and am concerned that i will have a lot of trouble completing my thesis, in light of these new stressors. the library at my university is closed, i am likely being forced to move, and i was already behind.
  4. has anyone still had total radio silence from Brown English?
  5. Hi all, I am reaching out to anyone who applied to Stanford's PhD English program, which had a Dec. 3 deadline. Do others' application portal checklists still read as "incomplete"? I figure it takes them a while to link official GRE scores to applications so I'm not super worried, but in any case, I was wondering if it's just me or if other people are seeing this, too...
  6. I have submitted all my applications, and I am having some random anxieties about logistical things. First and foremost, my transcript documents that I submitted. All the programs that I applied to (PhD English mostly) asked that applicants fax a copy of their transcripts and upload them. I faxed the pages of my transcript which have my actual grades, but I did not include the generic legend that my college encloses within all official transcripts (which explains the meanings of random notations like CR-credit or S-satisfactory, as well as the 4.0 GRE scale and the value of each grade). I go t
  7. This is so helpful, thank you. I think my next step will be more strategically using footnotes, rather than seeing direct engagement as the only way to merit bringing in secondary sources, but to bring in a strong overview of pre-existing scholarship on the text(s) I'm working with. (For this reason and a few others, I am also going to slightly expand my engagement with one of the primary texts, and shrink the other two).
  8. I agree with this, and two advisors in my undergrad gave me this exact advice after proofreading my SOP. However, I've noticed that some department websites explicitly ask for this info to be covered in SOPs. Some of them include it in a list that is framed as suggestions, whereas others imply that the SOP should address every question. I wonder if such programs would find it off-putting to ignore the question. That said, maybe one way to interpret the question (which is usually more like "what would you do with the degree?") would be not to use the formulaic "I want to be a TT professor
  9. My writing sample provides a close reading of three primary texts in 20 pages. This endeavor makes it difficult to go particularly deep into the existing scholarly conversation on any one of these texts. However, I feel that the close reading is robust, and there's some reference to secondary sources (mostly 21st century monographs and chapters) related to the texts that I am discussing, as well as overarching theoretical lenses from two or three contemporary scholars who speak to many of the ideas that I am highlighting in these novels. Do you think it's more important to conceptualize a proj
  10. Hi all, happy to introduce myself as a 2020 applicant. I am currently a senior in my undergraduate program and am planning to apply to 10-12 programs during this cycle; I am currently honing my list. My period of primary interest falls around 1750-1830, the latter half of the "long" 18th century, with occasional forays into the Victorian period. Specifically, I am interested in material feminist readings of British abolition, literary depictions of the British East India Company, eighteenth century foreshadowings of communism, depictions of incarceration in the British Empire (especially India
  11. You should look at Brandeis University. One professor you may be interested in working with is Emilie Diouf, who studies trauma and film. She is in the English department doing research on women, trauma, Anglophone/Francophone African film, critical theory, etc. The graduate student whom she currently advises studies trauma from a different cultural context. Caren Irr is also great for contemporary film here. David Sherman studies mourning and elegy. And Jerome Tharaud studies American religion and literature.
  12. Hi all, I have a question as someone looking ahead to applying to English PhD programs in the coming Fall! When researching programs, I have often looked through the departments' current grad students' profiles. My project stands at the intersection of two subfields. Several programs I'm interested have one (or occasionally two) faculty who are working directly at this intersection, as well as another couple faculty working in each of the two subfields of interest but not combining them. That said, I've noticed some programs seem to have a small handful of active graduate students currently wh
  13. Hi all, I am currently working on picking a third recommender for my PhD applications. About 2/3 of the programs I'm applying to are pure English, and the other 1/3 are cultural studies or theory-based programs (think Duke Literature, Stanford MTL, Berkeley Rhetoric, etc.). I am applying straight from BA; I'm currently an undergraduate English major. My first two recommenders (who I've already settled on) are both from my undergraduate English department, and I am confident that both of those letters will be very strong. For my third recommender, however, I have two options, and
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