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  1. Yeah sorry about that. Try opening from here instead?: https://mobile.twitter.com/emmajanepettit/status/1164295830796406784?s=21
  2. Hi folks, I saw this article circulating on Twitter about Columbia’s failure at placing its Ph.D.s in TT jobs and the large size of its incoming cohort, and I’m curious what does GradCafe think about it. Here is the link to the piece: https://www.chronicle.com/article/Columbia-Had-Little-Success/246989 ”The news was grim. Columbia University’s English department had failed to place a single current Ph.D. candidate into a tenure-track job this year. And 19 new doctoral students had accepted admission into the program, raising questions about why the cohort is so large when the job prospect
  3. Hi, may I ask those who emailed UVA — who are you supposed to email for an update on your application status?
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