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  1. The caller totally would have left a message if it was business. Also, usually universities will buy up all of the phone numbers that begin with the same area code and first three or four digits, so that internally, you only have to remember 3-4 digits per number. With a quick Google, it appears that for Northwestern, all of the campus phone numbers are in the format (847) 491-xxxx or (847) 467-xxxx. Unless it's a Northwestern office number, since they didn't leave a message to identify who's calling, I'd assume it's just spam. (But I'm someone who hasn't answered a call from an unknown number that I wasn't expecting since like 2014, so. I guess I'm why telephone polls can't get a full sample for millennial voters, lol.)
  2. Me: UT Austin is going to email when they post to the application status page. I don't have an email, so there isn't a decision. Relax, they'll most likely send something this week, but it might be early next week before I hear anything. Also me: *refreshes Grad Cafe results page to see if anyone else has UT Austin results, logs into status portal 5 times throughout an 8 hour workday*
  3. It ought to be fine, because if you transferred the credits, they're presumably reported on your BA transcript. I'd imagine they would ask you about it if it was a problem. But you can always email the grad coordinator to check what the policy is, and if that would set your mind more at ease, it's probably worth it.
  4. Finally had my first acceptance dream of the cycle. I dreamed that I'd been admitted to UVA, but funded at $11,000/year (an amount that would lead me to seriously question if I could afford to take it at all, and well below their actual funding). Even with the funding thing, it was very disappointing to wake up and realize I'd imagined it, I didn't have any results back... and that today is the first day when I might reasonably expect schools to start getting back to me, so I know I'm going to be sitting and hitting refresh on my email all day.
  5. I told my office (five of us, most of whom are applying to grad school this cycle or the next in a variety of fields) that if I get a call ahead we're all getting a round of beer even if it's at 10am.
  6. Monday, Monday, Monday! Opening of business is rolling around in the next 10 minutes for US Eastern time, and I sure am feeling that "the decisions are coming" anxiety! Here's hoping for a week of good news for all of us
  7. Yup--implied rejection from Chicago, another implied rejection from Duke Literature, and other than that? Nada. Based on past reporting on the results page, I expect to have 2-3 per week next week, though. All nice and spread out so I can worry longer, haha. I'm finding myself just desperately hoping that my first program comes through as an acceptance. Obviously I would be thrilled to go there even if it was the last program to report (otherwise I wouldn't have applied!), but if I get into that first-to-notify program, that means I'm going to grad school, you know? Whereas if I'm rejected from the first program, it means I'm stuck in admissions limbo for a while longer. (Lol, @ those of you who already have an acceptance--does the waiting feel easier afterwards??)
  8. This is so, so helpful! A thousand thanks upon you! (Continuing fingers crossed that Duke/Chicago/Maryland are doing multiple rounds of interviews/that my lack of requests doesn't mean what it seems to mean... )
  9. Congratulations!!! Truly the best first answer you can have!
  10. Congratulations! I haven't done any PhD interviews so I'll resist the urge to launch into the tips I exchange with friends for jobs, but in the meantime, Duke of Bookingham (current UMD PhD student, in 3rd or 4th year) wrote up a nice tips post over here: https://dukeofbookingham.tumblr.com/post/190293342155/so-ive-been-in-the-room-for-prospective-phd
  11. I've got two programs that used ApplyWeb (Brown and Penn), and both of them just say "submitted." I'm pretty sure all of the ones I've got that use whatever infrastructure that Chicago and Duke use also just say "submitted." UT-Austin's recently switched to a slightly longer message that includes "Forwarded to the Graduate Committee for review," but frankly I can't remember what the prior message said to see if that indicates "decision on the way"... I'm sure it's just a difference in what system the programs use. @Tessjane77's signature also says they're applying to MAs, not PhDs.
  12. I'm not an expert by any stretch--I have no more insider information than you do--but since this thread hasn't received any responses, I'll throw in my two cents. I feel like on the letter of recommendation front, your best bet is going to be looking for contact with professors outside of classes--which would already be the case if you were in an American MA. So, office hours, chats over coffee, that kind of thing, whatever is within the norms of your academic setting. I think it's perfectly alright to be direct in these conversations about the fact that you see this MA as a stepping stone to the PhD, and it's possible that your professors might take additional note of you just because they know that you're looking to go into academia. On the bit about perceptions of a German MA, I think it's also probably a good idea to spell out in your SOPs for PhD apps the reasons why you chose a German MA: immersion in another language (even as your academic work is in English), a chance to live abroad for relatively low financial cost, and two years in what sounds like a fairly interdisciplinary program (shot in the dark based on the program being named North American studies instead of North American literature or Anglophone literature) to refine your research interests. It sounds like you might be worried about the comparison between a German MA and an American MA ("why did OP do this less-rigorous program?"), but I think that if you frame the MA with these reasons why the opportunity was unique, that won't be a huge issue. Finally, I am sorry that this program isn't what you thought it would be! That really sucks, no getting around it.
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