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  1. fwiw, i kinda think we r gna b back in the classroom in autumn
  2. never been sadder to have correctly anticipated something... everyone--STAY inside, order delivery frm ur favorite local restaurant (they r rly struggling atm but are likely still open for delivery and/or curbside takeout), tip 20%, and wash your hands sending love!!
  3. do the mfa and reapply to phds afterward/in your final year of the program. and congrats on madison—a great mfa.
  4. hey—was wondering if anyone is choosing between similarly-ranked programs (i.e. multiple top 30, top 20, or top 10 schools), and how you're making your decision, given everything that's going on (cancelled recruitment days & inability to visit, etc.)
  5. lool sorry all, i meant let the TOPIC die........... it was jst a post miserably asking how we're supposed to make an informed decision/choose a school in the wake of all the recruitment day cancellations. but then i was like never mind
  6. i'm so sorry if it's been asked, but HARVARD: where do grad students "live"?? i hear there's no community, but for every college town/area, there's a "place" with a high density of grads and faculty in it—kerrytown in ann arbor; east rock in new haven; hyde park in chicago, etc. where is this in cambridge, esp. for harvard grad students?? i really appreciate this—it's one of those things that's hard to know unless you know, if that makes sense.
  7. thank you all SO much <33 i have been feeling better today even though it’s all scary!!
  8. hi everyone. i’m going a little mad. last night i was up until 4am worrying abt coronavirus etc. the news cycle is jst frankly nightmarish and i’ve been feeling like this would reach a horrifying scale for like a month. which is partially my anxiety and partially just logical/statistical common sense. anyway i got in everywhere basically and am going to 6 unis/sets of visiting days over the next month. which is mad bt it’s cos i need to consider ALL of them srsly. but i can’t even sit back and enjoy cos i’m so anxious about the travel. i truly jst want to cancel all of it and bunker in my apar
  9. hey i also got the email a few hrs ago and wasn't interviewed............ chuffed abt the outcome cos was not wanting to have to interview lol
  10. i have a feeling this isn't real or was listed for the wrong uni or program?xx
  11. hiya i have jst been lurking mostly bt have jst opened the floodgates by replying elsewhere so figured i'd say smthing here too... basically i think the stitch is that we will have heard for sure by like 5 on friday—was also told "a week" so am taking that as a general vibe, reckon things will drop maybe tomorrow bt for sure by friday by the end of the day xo
  12. hi!! am playing the waiting game as well (mostly phd programs in the states) and have mostly jst been lurking bt wanted to say that i'm happy to have a chat abt the cambridge colleges etc. if anyone wud like!! xxxx
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