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  1. My advice is to closely compare their websites and the actual programs to see which you like better and which offers more opportunities. Ideally, visiting each school would help you made your decision (not sure if you could take a train up to Boston and check out Northeastern, stay overnight at a Holiday Inn or something then head back the next day). Boston is a terrific city and Northeastern has a subway on campus. Do the math on what you will owe when you are done with the programs. Best of luck!
  2. Does anyone plan on passing on an acceptance at Northeastern?
  3. I was invited (as were 12 other people) to a "top applicant" day at Northeastern with meals and presentations and, we found out when we got there, several interviews with faculty and heads of dept; on Fri I found out I am wait-listed. Disappointed. Being a great school in a great city I am supposing that they won't be utilizing the wait-list.
  4. Did anyone get an email tonight stating your decision was ready on the portal only to find it isn't there? I emailed NYU but got no response. Inhumane mistake, fo sho. Update: they did the same thing to scores of people--15 so far, all disciplines, have posted thus on the results page. I share their pain and irritation. Terrible thing to do on a Friday.
  5. Oh I see. Thanks for the positive vibes. Guess I'm just tired of waiting and would like some finality.
  6. I wonder then why they haven't informed us (the NYU phd applicants who are not accepted)? Its been 4 mos.
  7. Oceans could you tell me what era you listed for study at UConn?
  8. Hi Prickly, Mary at UConn said in my waislist email that the waitlist was "selective." Lets keep that in mind!! I'm optimistic! And welcome aboard!
  9. For Stony Brook applicants, isn't it strange that there have been no postings re interviews as of yet?? In 2017 and 2015 it seems notification of a pending interview was given the last week in Jan and the acceptances went out 6 weeks later. At this point, if the interviews were to be scheduled for next week, one wouldn't hear back until the 2nd week of April (if the timeframe for notification follows the previous years' notifications). What is up with that? Could it be that the interviews have already taken place?? Answer to my own query: I just called the Grad school and a nice ge
  10. Started the day with a nice fresh rejection from Brandeis. Haha. Oh well. Hoping I get off the waitlist at UConn!
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