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  1. Yes. They were 4 and 1 at that time. I learnt about meal prepping during those two years, though I didn't appreciate it or follow it the way I should have. Lots of microwave cooking. But now that I am a few years older and !!!wiser!!!, I've recently started doing it regularly and it has made a big difference during the week. Kitchn.com has some great tips & resources for getting organized and planning weekly meals. Good luck! I recommend one pot meal! :-)
  2. A 2 year old! Oh he must so curious & running everywhere & into everything! Hi! I'll be starting my English PhD in the fall as well, with 2 young boys no less! A soon-to-be 9 & a soon-to-be 6 year old. I'm not the most organized person, and I mostly work at night, but I will say I have a wonderful and supportive husband who takes an equal responsibility in taking care of the boys and the house. They are a handful, and they do break my concentration - in fact, I know I sometimes ignore bath & bedtimes for my hubby to take on - but they are fun and the older one is so proud that "I'm going to school just like him"! I think the most practical advice I can give is to have ready-made meals. Take one day during the week to prepare, make, & freeze weekly meals and snacks so you are not rushing around for food, getting cranky on an empty stomach - because schoolwork & children will make you cranky - and taking valuable time away from studying and spending time with the kids. Oh and a big giant calendar on the wall with everything and everyone's agenda on it! Your studies will be competing with kid's appointments & activities & homework/project - make sure you can see it all in one place before you commit a time to something.
  3. I sent an email back :-) See you on the 16th!
  4. Thank you. But keep your fingers crossed - you're on the Tufts waitlist and you got into BU's MA program. Things are still moving forward, right? I'm going to go to Tufts on the 16th; will you be there?
  5. I'm sorry about that - it's very sucky news. :-( How did you find out? I still haven't received any notification.
  6. Yes - both Brandeis & BU! I'd like to go visit Tufts - I'm supremely lucky in that I live near there - but I haven't heard anything about visiting days. I was going to email a student & ask about that. Can you please tell me more.
  7. That's wonderful news! Good luck. And no, unfortunately, I have still not heard from Brandeis or BU. I wish they'd let me know soon because I do want to make a decision now.
  8. Good luck to you! I hope you get a PhD acceptance, but I'm so glad you got into BU's MA. I got a letter from Boston College and they declined my application. So one acceptance and two declines. Also, congratulations to everyone who received an acceptance.
  9. Thank you! Yes, you're right, it is crazy that there aren't many Tufts notifications. I swear at one point I thought that they accepted me because I was the only applicant, but my husband put a stop to that nonsense. I'm sorry you didn't get into the BU PhD program, especially since you said it was your top choice. But their MA looks really good and that's a great program to get into. Did you apply to other PhD programs? I wish you luck on them.
  10. Hi, I'm new here and wanted to say hello. I'm sorry I'm posting this now, but I wanted to let you guys - especially @BLK1222 and @ShakesRos - know that I did receive an acceptance from Tufts' English Lit PhD program on 2/15/2016 and a rejection from Northeastern's PhD on 2/21/2016. I'm ecstatic because Tufts was one of my top 3 schools - my main fields are Postcolonial Theory & Lit and Global Anglophone Literatures - and they were the first to reach out and put me out of my waiting misery. I am still waiting on the PhD programs from Brandeis, Boston University, and Boston College, so I'll let you know when I hear something. I'm sorry that I don't know what the best thing to do is, but maybe email Tufts to ask since they have made decisions. I hope you all get good news - Good Luck!
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