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  1. Some programs offer a moving stipend. You may want to ask your DGS about that.
  2. I say it as a joke (slightly). In all honesty, the admin job or a NPO would be more in line with who I am and the things I love to do. Med school would be to appease my mother
  3. I had spelling errors in my app that I didn't notice until I was helping a friend through their apps this year. I still got into great programs. "Bloopers" freak us out, but good ideas and scholarship still stand out . Don't worry too much Good luck with the app season!
  4. Honestly, If not English, I would have just gone to Med school or been an admission counselor at a college (maybe for a few years prior to med school).
  5. I'm not even in med school and I still find myself sitting around watching her videos haha.
  6. Simon Clark is great, although I wouldn't boast to understand his research. I'm not sure of any history people out there. If I stumble across one, I'll post it here
  7. Yes, I like hers as well! I wish she had more followers since she has such good content (imho). I also like: - StrivetoFit (medschool…good quality videos) - ScholarNoire (sociology…so many self care tips!) - Letters to My Sister (English….and bio/chem...two vloggers on one channel). - Leah Barlow ( AfAm…has a lot of general life advice) -The Academic Society (mathematics, TTProf…it's cool seeing life from the "other side" ) - Tom Nicholas (theatre….overall good channel
  8. Hi all, so when I'm not writing papers, reading, or going to class, I like to relax with a cup of tea and a queue of youtube and netflix videos/films (everyone has their thing lol). A few months ago, I fell into the blackhole of Phd youtube bloggers (there are even more medical school ones!) . I was talking with a friend in a different cohort and she shared that this was a guilty pleasure of hers as well. Since Winter break is coming up, I'll have a bit more time to binge watch this stuff Do you have any favorites? Can we create a list for procrastination and educational purpo
  9. UChicago has a MA program in poetry and poetics. I'm unsure if they offer funding. https://poetics.uchicago.edu/maph-poetics-option
  10. I used my thesis proposal during this past cycle. I put a nota bene (about 4-7 sentences) at the beginning. I had pretty good success doing that. I think the point is that you should send in your best work (if that happens to be a thesis or a seminar paper, go for it )
  11. Likewise. The least expensive apartment I could find within walking distance of my Uni was about $1009 (not including parking or utilities)... and that's for a 25 minutes walk. Wan to be closer? The price jumps into the $1,600+ range, especially if you don't want to live with roommates or live in a place that looks like death. One place that I laughingly stopped looking at was a studio apartment for close to $1800. I think it is totally possible (albeit, painful) to spend most of your stipend on housing.
  12. For some reason, I can't access the link. Could you PM me with it? Thanks!
  13. I could. I just wanted to see what is already available. If the wheel exists, why reinvent it?
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