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  1. I hope it’s today because the weekend will be rough otherwise!! Im having such a hard time paying attention in class right now.
  2. IT JUST CHANGED TO DECISION MADE. Anxiety is through the roof.
  3. Me too. My parents and roommates keep asking but I keep telling them, “Trust me you’ll know when I know!”
  4. Has anyone received a rejection from the University of Minnesota this season? I still haven’t heard one way or the other but I’m wondering if anyone else has.
  5. I have yet to hear anything as well.
  6. I’m currently reading The Italian by Ann Radcliffe.
  7. I grew up in Minnesota and attend a MN university right now so it only makes sense for me to try again for the U. I've been accepted to a masters program already so I'm not in complete despair.
  8. I'm right there with you, but also finding it difficult to think positively. I've even already started making plans to apply again after I get my masters.
  9. It also makes me nervous that despite how confident in my application I might be, its always a crap shoot.
  10. I've noticed that too. I'm pretty confident in my writing sample and my GPA as its around 3.7 (science and math classes got me too). The fit is also a concern for me as I'm very interested in medical history and I realized too late about their medicine and technology history program to apply.
  11. Mine isn't either! Hopefully we don't have to freak out much longer.
  12. I saw that earlier and thought it might be you! Fingers crossed for us!
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