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  1. @kaseyr10 Ugh, that's too bad. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. It's such a time consuming process!! I'm also looking for a 1BR (or studio, but 1BR is preferable) for this year. I'm going to tour some places next week and I hope that will bring me much closer to having somewhere locked down. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too. I haven't seen many new listings come up, but once in a while they do so we'll just have to keep at it for now. Good luck!?
  2. @kaseyr10 I was able to visit a couple of Northwood apartments and they were just fine. As good as (and better than some) of the properties available online right now. Despite the prices, Ypsi is just too far away for me (I don't have a car, and current students warned us against driving from Ypsi given the roads/weather in the winter; the buses from Yspi can get delayed, too. Plus parking issues year round). Did you have any luck securing a place? *sigh* I still haven't found anything. Several apartment places have written back that they don't have availability, and others just plain hav
  3. @archimon Congrats on your Columbia news!!
  4. *waves* Soon-to-be Japanese MA student, here! (Curious where you'll be going this summer @Tess94?!) How is everyone coming with housing? I'm about to email a bunch of places but it's looking like rather slim pickings at this point...I was hoping for a Northwood single but I (foolishly) didn't realize how competitive the process is?
  5. お久しぶり〜Long time no post EALCers! I hope everyone is doing well and has decided their plans for next year!? I've accepted my offer from U-Michigan and I'm really excited! I went to A2 last week to take part in the visit day and really enjoyed it. It's a relief to finally know where I'll be this fall!
  6. @winterlover How'd it go?! @hairbrush Hope you find something helpful
  7. @hairbrush Welcome! If you search the forums there are lots of past posts about the MAPH program. Since no one else has replied, that might be a good place to start if you're still looking for information. @winterlover If you haven't heard via email, you should just call the department!
  8. Glad to hear it! Best of luck with your decision I heard from my final program today...so nice to have the worst part over with!! (Now to wait for funding info and, finally, decide!)
  9. Congrats Naito! Even if you don't end up attending, you can say you turned down Stanford
  10. Thank you @spicyramen! Any updates on your apps? Are you still waiting on anyone?
  11. Thank you @costevens and @Naito!! I really hope so too. And I'm hoping for more good news for everyone still waiting on decisions this season. I have also appreciated the camaraderie and support of our thread throughout all of this.
  12. Oh my god, this week is finally looking up!! Just had acceptances from both U Michigan (Japanese MA) and Columbia (EALAC MA)!! I applied for FLAS at Michigan and the results will be out by 3/15, so I'm hoping that application will be successful as well. *fingers and toes crossed* No word on any support from Columbia. I don't think they have much for MA students, but I'm going to look into in just to cover all my bases. I don't want to go into Columbia-level debt, lol, but it's exciting to finally have other accpetances after getting 4 rejections. Now to wait on funding, and my final app:
  13. Well, I crossed Harvard off my list today...
  14. Haha yeah...like I said, not ideal but if things don't work out, you'll have time to consider it at least! I've probably said it before but I really wish (more) schools would be upfront about when results come out. They do this evry year after all!
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