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  1. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    No problem! I was too. It's my first interview so I was getting nervous! I actually called because I was anxious they hadn't gotten my information or something haha. What department are you interviewing with? If it's biochem you might end up hanging out with one of my friends who's a current student! See you there! Ann Arbor is a fun place for an interview weekend.
  2. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    For anyone interviewing with UMich PIBS (1/25-1/27), I just talked to the graduate office and interview itineraries will be sent out on Friday
  3. conflicting interviews, what to do?

    It can't hurt to ask, IMO. Depending on the program, they can sometimes be accommodating with alternate visit dates, or perhaps will offer a Skype interview or something similar instead. Best of luck
  4. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Aw man, that's a bummer I had a feeling they might be. Oh well! Can't get them all, haha. Best of luck to you!
  5. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Oh, awesome! Thanks so much for the info! I'm sorry to hear that I saw a crap-load of M3D rejections on the results page not too long ago. Curious if anyone else who applied to University of Washington GPN (neuro) is still waiting to hear back too? I've seen some people who have interviews but otherwise haven't heard anything.
  6. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Also waiting on UNC BBSP (but with a primary interest in neuroscience), I'm beginning to think that no positive news is coming on that front Someone last month said that everyone was going to hear back by the week of the 22nd or something, but there's been nothing but complete silence as far as I can tell. At least Northwestern had the courtesy to reject me formally I could be wrong, maybe they are still sending more invites! I haven't heard anything from my remaining 3 schools, and all of my interview invites came before Christmas (UVM email 12/12, UMich PIBS call from neuro dept on 12/15, official email on 12/18, CWRU BSTP email on 12/18). Feeling bummed out that I might not be hearing back from the remaining schools, but I'm still tentatively hopeful! Wishing you the best of luck
  7. How Many Interviews?

    My general opinion is that once you've gotten the interview, you're academically qualified to attend the school and that everything is more or less on your interviews and evaluations. Though I imagine that if you have a POI who you've corresponded with immensely that could put you at an advantage. As far as post-interview acceptances go, I've been told for PIBS by a friend of mine who's a current student that "an interview almost guarantees acceptance". I find this very hard to believe, though. I've heard from others it's more like 2/3 - 3/4 of interviewees get an offer, depending on the department, which seems more likely. I don't know anything about Case, but I have a specific area of research interest that makes me a good fit for their program, and CWRU tends to like students from my undergrad institution. Vermont I'm not too worried about due to prior connections and a positive LOR from a PI in the program. The way I've been thinking about this is that based on statistics alone, I have a good shot of admittance at any of these programs if I have a good interview/visit. I think I panicked about this last night, but after reflecting on it I don't think I'm going to try to submit any more apps. I think it's partially just seeing people on here with like 132498239904 interviews that made me nervous! I'll be back in the lab in a few days and I'll definitely bring it up with my PI, who almost always has sound advice on these things. I'm going to focus on prepping for the interviews I do have I've been told the same thing, more or less. I was so convinced I wasn't going to get in anywhere that like a week after I submitted my applications I was in lab meeting looking up "plan B" lab tech jobs hahaha. I agree, and right now my interview schedule is working out perfectly, with my last interview being the weekend before my spring semester starts, which is obviously not the most important thing but is super convenient! Like I said above, I was kinda panicking about this last night and I've realized I should spend my time focusing on the interviews I do have, which seems the most level-headed approach I can come up with. Thanks for assuaging some of my fears haha - good luck with your interviews!
  8. Got interviews in Midwest. I'm from Texas. How do I dress for weather?

    Hmmmm. Not a man, but I would suggest maybe earmuffs if you're worried about your hair. Plenty of men also wear hats (dark-colored beanies, for example), and I suppose you could always carry a comb or hairbrush in your bag/briefcase if you're so inclined (I know personally as a woman, I carry a hairbrush in my purse). I personally won't wear any hats on my interviews, but I also have long hair and am used to the temperatures. However, I also think that you could be just fine without a hat on interviews if you're worried about your hair, especially if you have a nice scarf to keep you warm. My opinion may be biased given that I'm a woman who's grown up in the midwest, but that's my take! Personally, I feel that a beanie in cold weather, even with a suit/dress coat for the outdoors would be acceptable and not at all outside of what I'm used to seeing here in Michigan/Ohio. My dad and brother are sitting here next to me, and they both agree! Best of luck!
  9. How Many Interviews?

    Hi all, I don't want to ~reactivate~ this thread, but now that it's approaching mid-January and I haven't seen any traction on any of my other applications, I'm left wondering if the three interviews I have are a decent enough chance of admission that I shouldn't apply to other programs? The logical part of me is saying, statistically, I stand a good chance of getting admitted. But, the anxious part of me is saying that maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing to attempt to apply to some of the later app deadlines (1/15), or even to Masters programs with similar deadlines.
  10. Emailing PIs prior to interviews?

    I agree with @StemCellFan, though I suppose it depends on what kind of programs you're applying to. If your programs have you pick a lab based on rotations during your first year, you are likely not expected to contact faculty/POIs prior to interview, unless you have a prior connection (i.e., I'm interviewing with a program at a university I have previously worked at and maintain regular correspondence with my PI there).
  11. Should I interview with a PI I have worked for?

    I'm in a really similar position. I'm interviewing at a program I completed an REU with last summer, and while I was there I really hit it off with my PI and the rest of the lab members. While the work they do is cool, it's not what I'm interested in studying in grad school (no matter what I do, I'm never gonna be an e-phys kinda girl, haha). It's a bummer, because that lab's culture/work environment is perfect for me otherwise! My PI from there was one of my letter writers, so I find it unlikely they would want me to interview with him. I would be surprised if there was any kind of obligation or expectation for you to interview with them. In my case, several of the people I interacted with while I was working there are involved in admissions, so I'm guessing I'll see my fair share of familiar faces. I think it's totally acceptable for you to reach out to the PIs who do the work you are most interested in pursuing. In my (limited) experience, my former PI was definitely not offended that I was interested in other labs in their program - on the contrary, he was happy I had liked my experience there enough to apply!
  12. 2018 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    Thanks so much! This is very helpful. Cheers!
  13. 2018 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    That's definitely a good way of putting it! I've had 3.9 and 4.0 semesters in the past, so it's not that much better than anything already on my transcript. I went from a 3.71 to a 3.74 cumulative, which was nice but not too crazy. I was only considering it because I'm still waiting to hear from 3 places, and got my first rejection today so I guess I'm getting nervous! Here's some other factors that made me lean in favor of emailing: I took 3 high-level courses this semester relevant to my desired field of graduate study - an advanced biochem course, neuroimmunology lab (I took the lecture part of the course last spring), and an upper-level molecular biology course My success in one of these courses bumped up my major GPA (my degree is in neuroscience), effectively raising it from a 3.71 to a 3.83 I think I may send a nice email, because hey, if I'm going to be rejected from those programs anyways, I figure this can't hurt. I've never had to contact a school about this kind of thing before - does anyone have any advice on wording the email?
  14. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Yep, me as well . Oh well, their loss!
  15. 2018 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    What is the standard for how good your grades should be to consider updating your app? I also had a particularly good semester (3.90) in courses related to work I want to pursue in grad school. Not sure if it would be worth it to ask to update my app, but for some that I haven't heard back from I guess it couldn't hurt?