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  1. @siliconchins Congrats on your first set going well! Do you mind clarifying what you mean by responding to certain observations about their research?
  2. I heard from QCB in mid/late December, but I don't believe MIT CSBi has come out yet! If you are referring to SysEvo's signature, I believe those are their results from last year (their profile says they applied for Fall 2017, not Fall 2018 like us)
  3. I heard from BIG on the 23rd, not sure if they are done.
  4. Wow, @alittlecarl, they send out email invitations even after business hours? I didn't apply to SysBio but that gives me some hope for BIG!
  5. Yay! Congrats!! That's super exciting! I applied to PhD programs and so far I have two interview invites (one last week, and one yesterday), but I'm hopeful about hearing back from a few other places either today or tomorrow, based on historical data.
  6. I also think Harvard BIG, Princeton QCB, and Cornell Tri-I will go out this week, based on past results!
  7. I've seen some programs that in past years, send out invites over a really extended period of time (like a month). Does anyone have any insight into why they would do that? Are they taking more people as others turn down interviews, or are they just going through the applications stack by stack and inviting some each time they meet?
  8. I saw someone post on the results page about UPenn Biostatistics -- anyone else hear from them?
  9. Anyone hear any news? Or any rumors about when notifications will come out? Based on last year's results page, this week might be a big one.
  10. Apologies if this thread already exists, I couldn't find it! I'm starting to get antsy and haven't heard from anywhere yet (though I haven't seen any of my programs posted yet on the results page so fingers crossed...), and would love to discuss with other applicants. In particular, getting nervous about Princeton QCB, which sent out invites on the 9th last year.
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