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  1. I agree with the other posts. If you're interested in immunology, and your experience is immunology, the subfield is irrelevant. Any experience is good experience, so long as you have good reason why you're interested in the program your applying to itself. Being in the same lab for at least a year shows commitment to a project - that's important. If you like the lab you're in and the work you're doing, stick to it. Starting in a new lab right before applications are due will not benefit you. PhD programs are long (5+ years), and require a commitment to one project the entire time. You want to show perseverance - prove to them that tough times when your experiments don't work won't make you want to drop out of grad school.
  2. BabyScientist

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I would be very careful about having a LOR you're not sure about. I know someone personally who requested her 3rd letter of recc from a professor she hadn't seen in 5 years but had a great relationship with when she was in his class - he told her he would write it but warned that his memory is going bad, she figured it was fine. It wasn't. Turned an easily amazing applicant into someone who barely got 2/15 interviews.
  3. BabyScientist

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I think that, with a strong SOP and strong LORs, you're likely to get interviews at most of those schools. It doesn't matter if the publications haven't been submitted or accepted at a journal yet - you can include them in your CV (as long as there's some sort of title) and just stick "manuscript in preparation" at the end of the citation. If you're presenting at a conference after the application deadlines, you can mention it in your SOP. If you're interested in neuroimmunology, I would consider adding the University of Virginia BIMS program to your list - they have a center (the BIG center) dedicated to neuroimmunology research and a huge faculty for it.
  4. BabyScientist

    Ask questions about the PhD application process!

    I agree with @eevee. It's something you could mention briefly were you to get to the interview phase (interviewers are also gauging how likely you'd be to attend the school were you to be admitted), but definitely not on the application. Emphasize the academic reasons why you want to and are qualified to go there.
  5. BabyScientist

    UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    I suggest looking in neighborhoods like Sawtelle for UCLA housing. You can bike/bus from there, or have a short commute. Anything much further would be hell as far as traffic goes.
  6. BabyScientist

    2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    First, research should be the most important thing. If you can see yourself happy at Scripps, it's probably the way to go. Another thing to consider is networking opportunities. Scripps is right by UCSD, and in close proximity to UCLA, USC, and other renowned institutions. The networking/collaboration opportunities between these institutions are limitless.
  7. BabyScientist

    I've finally committed...now what?

    They could be on vacation or something. I would send a follow up email. If you committed in their portal, I'm sure you're fine.
  8. BabyScientist

    Most efficient post-grad

    A pre-med post-bacc program probably.
  9. BabyScientist

    Provisional admission

    This is what I was getting at. Try contacting faculty with interests that align with yours. Tell them you were admitted and are very excited by their work in particular and explain how your experience would contribute to their work.
  10. BabyScientist

    Provisional admission

    Are you supposed to reach out to faculty?
  11. BabyScientist

    I've finally committed...now what?

    I'm going abroad for 2 months. Gotta live life while I can!
  12. BabyScientist

    Provisional admission

    What was the offer conditional on? Often a conditional offer is just because you're still in school and they want to see that your grades don't drop suddenly, or it's conditional on funding/faculty support. The offer is conditional until these needs are met.
  13. BabyScientist

    Competing for a spot after rotations

    Thank you for the response! I guess I'm mostly just afraid that there will innately be competition (I'm not a competitive person, and get anxious in those types of situations) or that the PI will choose the other student over me (I know I would take it personally). But I guess there's not much I can do but work hard and be friendly.
  14. BabyScientist

    Retaking the GRE for high-level BioMed

    I have been told in the past that your GRE score won't improve much unless you do something drastically different in your studying. If you didn't study very much the first time, and this time you commit to studying hard, then you might improve. But otherwise it is unlikely to make much difference. That being said, my GRE scores were 162 Verbal, 159 Quant, 4.5 AW with an undergraduate GPA of 3.4, and I was admitted to some schools on that level. Programs don't rely heavily on GRE scores to make decisions. If your undergrad GPA was lower, then a high GRE would help. Your GPA is pretty high, and your GRE scores are well above average. I don't imagine you have anything to worry about. As far as strengthening your application, I think your numbers look good, and now you should focus on things like publications, presentations, conferences, etc. You didn't mention anything about those, so you may already have all that, but I'd advise putting your effort in there. And make sure you get really strong LORs.
  15. BabyScientist

    2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Totally possible that they would never respond. Some schools never send out official rejections to the people they didn't interview. If you want to have all the answers, it wouldn't hurt to call, especially considering it's a few days to the 15th. They might tell you there's still hope, or they might tell you it's unlikely. Either way, it'll make it easier to make your choice.

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