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  1. I am DONE! All my apps are back, and i just have to commit somewhere. I will be sure to update you all once I officially commit!
  2. Woohoo! Congratulations! @costevens congrats on making your decision! Good luck in Cambridge
  3. Sorry things didn’t work out for you @Naito! Hope you aren’t feeling too badly. The universe must have something else great in store for you
  4. Welcome to the fam, @BagelBabee! Congrats on Brown, and good luck with Columbia/any other schools you're waiting on! Do keep us updated I feel you, @costevens! I only have three more to go but I'm ready to have all my options in front of me.
  5. "Most people who think that the GRE is stupid and useless also have low GRE scores." I have high GRE scores. I think that the GRE is stupid and useless.
  6. @Jules4663 congratulations! That’s pretty exciting! I’m sure it isn’t a mistake ☺️ I guess a number of emails just went out, too, because I was just rejected....I’m a bit bummed, as it was a top choice, but I’ve got some other great admits so in the grand scheme of things it’s all good @winterlover that sounds potentially like an admission! Maybe the emails just aren’t out yet? Might be worth an email to the department.
  7. I was always under the impression Pitt was mostly on the film studies rather than production side of things. Could be wrong, though. But yikes. There's a lotta anger happening over here...
  8. I was watching the curling last night! I know less than zero about how it works but I still had a great time hearing the players yell at each other, lol. Love hearing all those different languages!
  9. Thanks! And wow congrats! MA with funding is pretty sweet! Good luck with those PhDs, as well. Solidarity!
  10. Good luck @CulturalCriminal! I am on tenterhooks...things should be back soon... @slouching I’ve had one acceptance in media studies, one in area studies. I’m realllly hoping for more this coming week, as this waiting is getting to me! How are things for you?
  11. WOO! You must be excited! @machacreampuff thanks for the intel! I thought it must be soon...
  12. Yes, I suspect this and next week will be big ones for many of us! Good luck, everyone! Fingers crossed for good news.
  13. Still waiting on six! I have 4 back already, 2 acceptances and 2 rejects. So I’m in a good place but would love to see a few more responses! How many are you waiting for?
  14. Aw, sorry to hear that. Glad your coworkers were there to cheer you up! Here’s hoping there is good news soon
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