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  1. Hi Taihoku, congrats on being accepted into your top choice! I was in a similar situation and here's my two cents: I responded to the rejection by expressing my disappointment (need to be very diplomatic - you don't want to sound bitter, sour, or salty), reaffirming my interest in their program and their work, and asking if there would be opportunities in the near future to visit/collaborate/etc. My POI was very nice and gestured towards possible opportunities. I might be overthinking it, but not mentioning the rejection, or saying that there's no hard feelings, might come across as a little bit arrogant. Academia is a small world and that's the last impression you'd want to leave. Also, I don't think there's a need to tell the POI that you got into another school before they ask. They probably will ask you though, given that they showed interest in your work, then it's time for you to answer and express your interest to stay in touch. Hope it helps and best of luck! Congrats again for getting into your dream school!
  2. Congratulations! And best of luck for the interviews
  3. Thank you! I don't know whether all acceptances have been sent out. The notification message was very, very brief
  4. @WanYesOnly Congrats! I'll miss the first day's events but will be there for the second day. Will you be flying out of country to join? The interactions I've had with Penn State have been very positive and welcoming, and their program seem quite vibrant and structured. The offer is indeed a huge relief.
  5. The department admissions committee will meet with GSAS on February 14. I don't know when the results will be out, but if it's on that day then Happy Valentine's Day in advance...
  6. This is very true as research proposal and SoP are very different genres. Research proposals especially for grant applications require concrete plans and a confident tone. SoPs on the other hand need to show that one is intelligent, curious, informed of the current state of the field, and has the potential to grow as a scholar. Donald Asher's Graduate Admission Essays: Write your Way into the Graduate School of Your Choice was very helpful when I was writing mine.
  7. I think this is field specific, so if your undergrad advisers in your discipline advised you not to do it, they probably have very good reasons. In my case, I just sent out very brief emails with one sentence of self-introduction, one sentence connecting our research interests (showing that I've read their recent publications), and the last sentence asking if they were taking new students for this application cycle. I agree with @ztshin that their responses don't mean much. Some people don't reply, some might reply with encouragement but in fact have acceptance rate or even application fees in mind (sorry for being a bit dark here but I've seen this). The important thing for me was not to get in beforehand (which is obviously impossible), but to see if people were *not* taking students so that I could narrow down my list. I second that. The balance is tricky though - you sort of need to have a coherent and feasible "proposed" project to demonstrate that you are able to come up with one, but at the same time it cannot sound as if there's no room left for the program to nurture/mold you. This, however, is also field specific. I recommend asking junior faculty and/or current PhD students about expectations in your field.
  8. @trolloped I don't think you are too old. I myself am a nontraditional applicant and have encountered many others in the discipline of comparative literature starting grad school after exploring lots of other possibilities in life. Your SoP and writing sample sound well-polished and your CV sounds stunning. Grad admission could be a random process about luck and doesn't speak to how good you are as a student/scholar. Let's wait for the other 6 programs to get back and hope for the best! I am not sure if you talked to potential advisors before you handed in the applications to see whether they were taking students, interested in your proposed project, etc. Apart from credentials, matching and timing are very important, too. I emailed almost 20 professors of interest from August to October last year, and found out that some of them were retiring, some leaving for a new school, some going on sabbatical, some not having the quota to take new students this year, and some simply not interested in my work. There are many possible reasons for rejection and many of those are not even related to how competitive you are as an applicant. You are a great student/scholar. Best wishes!
  9. Hi all, I created a Slack group for our EALC 2020 applicants who want to connect, wait it out together, and maybe chat with a little more privacy. I have no idea how Slack works but it looks neat. Here's the link: https://join.slack.com/t/waitingitout/shared_invite/enQtOTIxNDQ4ODI0MzA0LTg2NWNmOGJkZjNkMjBhYWVjNGY2MjE2YjI0YWJmN2M2NTI2OThhNjA1ODcyZDk0YTZlZGM3NDc4OTY3ZTUwM2E
  10. @lordtiandao Thanks for the info! Trying to be less anxious and let the chips fall where they may...
  11. My inbox has been really quiet today. Also I've come down with a cold which I guess serves as a distraction...
  12. Anxiously waiting for result from U of Chicago... Anyone else applied to U of C? I see people have interviewed for Columbia and got unofficial offer, so I take it as an implied rejection lol. U of C is my last hope in EALC.
  13. Hi Tanatsu! The two interviews for UCLA on the result page were posted by me. I'm an international student studying outside the US so I mark my entries with an "I." There's an acceptance there too and it's not me. I applied to the China subfield and neither of my POIs is on admission committee. They told me that they make recommendations; the rest depends on the committee; and the competition is fierce (as always). I am not sure about the Japanese literature and film track. At this point there's nothing we can do, unless if you have external funding sources which would highly likely increase your chance.
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