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  1. Hi everyone! It's nice to see this thread. I've applied to PhD programs to study modern Korean literature. I have an MA in Korean literature from a Korean university and a BA in another language (not East Asian) from an OK school in the US. I applied to five schools and only heard back from one - a request for an interview, which I just had. I thought I'd list some of the questions I was asked (the ones I remember, anyways). Maybe they'll be useful for future applicants. (Some of these questions were asked in Korean, and I replied in Korean.) - Why do you believe our school is a good choice for your doctoral studies? - What, if any, teaching experience do you have, and what is your philosophy toward teaching? - Why are you interested in (topic)? - How well do you think you know Korean literature? - Have you read any works in Korean and not in translation? Which writers or books? - Why did you choose to switch from (undergraduate major) to Korean literature? - Why was your writing sample focused on research from (these scholars)? Do you have any knowledge of (other scholars)? If so, what do you know about them? - Would you be interested in changing your research focus slightly for (reasons)? This lasted about 30 minutes, including technical difficulties and my own questions and answers. I wore a suit and tie, which is what I wear to work anyways, but I was almost immediately told that it was an informal interview (not mentioned in previous email contact). Also, expect technical issues. My laptop wouldn't connect to the Starbucks wifi, so I had to use my phone. My first and second pairs of headphones didn't work, so I had to switch. The interviewers had to hang up and call back 3 times. And so on... Good luck everyone! On a personal note, I think my obsessive reloading of the results page when it's the middle of the night in America (and in the middle of the night in Korea;;) will only get worse now... ㅠㅠ
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