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  1. Hey guys, I just got my email (4:57 EST). Unfortunately, I wasn't recommended--it was for an open study in CA. Maybe next year!
  2. Yeah, it's sort of strange. The Fulbright program here is sort of juggled by the director of the Honors College (whom I have a close and "coffee date"-esque relationship with) and then the official FPA, who is a professor in the History department that I just met last fall. The FPA didn't closely mentor me or any other applicant, as far as I know. He often replied to my emails several days late or missed them completely. I think I only got to meet him once. The application process did feel a little lonesome because of the distance the FPA kept.
  3. It's nice that so many of your FPAs notify you! I have a fine relationship with my FPA, but I think so few people at my university apply that they don't bother to send out an email like that. My guess is maybe 2-3 people from my school applied this round. But we did have two winners last year!
  4. It was EST, but I can't say what time she received the email. Most people are saying between 5:25-5:35, and I've been assuming the whole time they mean EST, but again, could be wrong!
  5. My (old) roommate won a Fulbright last year, and I believe she received semi-finalist notification via email, but I can't confirm if that's how it works for everybody. I'm also waiting nervously like everyone else.
  6. Just got back from the testing center with157V and 146Q. I'm not worried about quant at all, but I just barely wedged myself into the 75th percentile for verbal, which is a little worrying. To get the full picture, I'm applying to 5 MAs and 1 MA/PhD (noting in my SOP that I'd like to be considered for both tracks). Only one of my programs says they expect applicants to have a 156, so I skated by with an extra point. All the other programs, like most, don't determine a range or publicize scores of past applicants. One program in Canada doesn't even want scores, and another doesn't need th
  7. While GRE says that your scores are sent to your chosen schools 10-15 days after you take the exam, one of my potential schools (U of Washington) states on their website that GRE scores can take 6-8 weeks to arrive. I feel like that must be outdated information. Regardless, is it "safe" to wait to take the GRE until a few weeks before your first application is due? I'm looking at a December 15th deadline, and taking the exam on November 21st. Is that cutting it too close? I really need all the time I can get to study, especially while juggling my undergraduate thesis and statements of int
  8. Thank you for making the point about MA programs being designed for well-rounded study! Of course, I'm not expecting to be able to take classes in poetics solely, but I would like to attend a school where there are courses offered in the subject and faculty members with the specialization. I'm interested in both writing poetry and studying poetics--the work of Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Steve McCaffery have been my main interests in undergrad. However, in an MA program, I'm looking for more of the latter. I'd rather not focus as much on creative writing in an academic space as I'm wrappin
  9. I've taken a look at the MAPH program before--seems like there is a limited amount of partial tuition coverage available, and the chance of fellowships through UChicago's fellowship search. Doesn't sound super promising, but I'll see if I can talk to any current or past MAPH students on here. Thanks!
  10. I'm wondering if I can pool together knowledge of programs with fellow poetry/poetics folks. I'm shooting high--looking for an M.A. with a poetry/poetics concentration, or at least faculty with the specialization. I also need the opportunity to be fully-funded--I'm not planning on attending a program without that offer. Also interested in M.A./M.F.A. programs, and programs that value interdisciplinary humanities research (i.e. my undergraduate thesis is on visual poetry so I'm interested in the intersection of lit and art as well as graphic narratives, comics, etc.) Here are the three I'm
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