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    20th century and contemporary American Lit, particularly ethnic American lit, identity, race, ethnicity, history, politics, pedagogy.
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  1. Wow! Good luck and I really hope you can get some clarity sooner rather than later.
  2. I did not email or reach out to any faculty until this, my third application season, and I think it definitely helped, especially in terms of tailoring my application materials, especially to the programs I was accepted to. One of my POIs at U of Delaware even did a mini phone interview/advice session with me while I was working on my application, which really helped me edit it and tailor it to one of my top choice programs. SUNY Binghamton faculty were also very helpful regarding what they look for in an application. Faculty I reached out to (from 8 of 9 programs - all besides UCLA) ema
  3. Declined my offer at SUNY Binghamton - just got the offer today. Hope this helps someone out!
  4. Accepted to SUNY Binghamton but declined the offer, as I already enthusiastically accepted U of Delaware's offer!
  5. Best of luck in the next application season! Odds are, next round will be much more fruitful. I had a friend who applied last round and got into one program, ended up being a bad fit, so he did not accept. This round he was only outright rejected by 2 of 9 or 10 programs, waitlisted at others, and had offers of admission at a couple of different programs.
  6. I say go to USC. I applied there twice and did not get in either time, however, one of my POIs there helped me with all of my applications and really went to bat for me in the Dept and wrote me letters of rec for all programs I applied to. However, I am also a firm believer in going to the program that you think really fits YOU and will help YOU achieve your goals. Luckily for me, my visit to U of D sealed the deal because of great faculty, location, courses, funding, and resources. Good luck making your decision!
  7. Don't know about comics, but U of Delaware has a Material Culture research track and has extensive archives.
  8. PhD in Lit. Focus: 20th century and contemporary American Lit, focusing on ethnic American lit in particular. They had called me at the beginning of last week, and I had called them back last Thursday. Good luck!
  9. Turns out I was waitlised at U of Arizona, but told I was high on the waitlist and offer of admission was likely. Just took myself off the waitlist - hope this helps someone out!
  10. Turns out I was waitlisted at U of Arizona, but just took myself off the waitlist. Told I was very high on it and offer of admission was likely. Hope this helps someone else!
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