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  1. I have been to 5 + visits. My take is that you be as honest as possible (of course, we all know that there're questions that you can't ask). I am sure you have real concerns and real questions, so go for those.
  2. someone on the forum said Cornell is only accepting 2 people for comp lit this year- according to the person's call with someone on the adcom, so... good luck!
  3. You are right. There's institutional exploitation of graduate students. But higher education is also a Kafkaesque machine -- a machine whose inner-working would remain forever opaque to most, if not all, of us. Fully funded PhDs in the humanities still exist in this era of anti-intellectual pragmatism and neoliberalism precisely because this machine has multiple, contradictory logics: PhD students are cheap labors; maintaining humanities PhD programs may make the school seem more "cultured." But as we all are on this forum, seeking admission to PhD programs or contemplating which one to atten
  4. so.. at this point, are all the irvine comp lit and yale comp lit acceptances out?
  5. between age 21-24, rental surcharge is usually 20 dollar/day. It's not cheap but also not absolutely outrageous, especially if programs might potentially pay for your transportation.
  6. question: would not being able to make an on campus interview/visit day negatively affect my chances of getting an offer ?
  7. I got a rejection about half an hour after I saw that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well. Good luck to you all
  8. well, chicago usually releases decisions early feb, so i think it would be next week or even the week after next. Don't stress, just go do some self-care
  9. Thank you! I will keep it in mind; ultimately, it depends on what they can offer me and what my other options are. I am really hoping berkeley can give me something competitive ... my professors and advisors seem to value the prestige of the school on the job market...
  10. Congrats!!!! I haven't heard anything from Duke. I am sure that I am out oh well.
  11. Thank you thank you. I am just a ball of anxiety with too much emotions in me. It's just the idea of the constant struggle for survival with regard to funding sounds both uplifting and depressing... I do love the Rhetoric program at Berkeley, and I really hope that it can at least give me enough funding to make it a viable option
  12. Thank you! Your post is giving me so much emotions. I am going to wait and see my package, and see what I am working with ?
  13. @j.alicea thank you! I am out of reacts today haha but a personal thank you @Warelin I saw this "Stipends range from $18,500 to $30,000 per academic year for one to two years, in addition to departmental support years which can add at least two years of support in the form of fellowships and/or research or teaching assistantships." Um damn this is really low stipend, especially for the bay area. Up to 30k is LOW. (Other programs have offered me 5 - 6 years of 30k+ funding with 2-3 years of teaching release up front) Oh well, we shall see. All I can do is to wait for funding dec
  14. @sad_diamond Thank you!!! I really like the program and can't be more happy. But I am still kind of worry about the funding situation ? Anyone know anything about Berkeley rhetoric funding?
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