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  1. Hi all, I am in the process of trying to move from European history to U.S. History as my main field. This is, in part, because the prominent British historian in our department recently left the university and also because I have been interested in US and considering switching for a long time. However, departmental politics have made it really hard for me to leave my current advisor (she has a lot of pull on the tenure committee and Americanists don't want to "steal" me from her). I have spoken with my advisor and she has given me the all clear to take U.S. coursework and make that my
  2. Thanks so much everyone! It feels great to finally be done! And @Pink Fuzzy Bunny I'm so sorry about your friend! I hope he tries again next cycle!
  3. Hi! I'll be at UCI in the fall getting my history Phd. When are you moving out to California?
  4. It's official! I just submitted my thesis to be bound and printed today!! I can't believe all this work is coming to a close!!! Once my oral defense and capstone speech are finished, I'll be done with undergrad!!
  5. Thanks everyone! I emailed her today, so I'll update with what she says. Hopefully I wasn't too forward.
  6. Hi all, I recently decided to attend UCI to get my phd in history. I am really looking to have something to do the summer before school starts (mostly to get out of the house). Would it be inappropriate to reach out to my future advisor and ask her if she needs any help with research? I don't want to be too forward, but I would love to help her if she needed any assistance. I'm not looking to get paid or anything; it would just be for fun.
  7. Yeah...speaking of frustration and a lack of motivation...do we know how closely do grad schools look at grades in the last semester of school (after you've been accepted)?
  8. Thanks @Neist and @Pink Fuzzy Bunny! I may have made a post a while back, but I'm not sure. I'm really excited! UCI has a bunch of professors that I want to work with (and its 5 minutes from the beach)! Congrats on Cornell and UO!! Those are great programs!
  9. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for a while (I may have posted early in the Wait, Whine, Wine thread). I just wanted to congratulate everyone on their decisions and say thanks for creating such a positive community during such a stressful time! I'll be moving to Irvine in the fall (not very far from where I am now), and I'm really nervous and excited! I met my cohort at recruitment day, and I'm the youngest one (senior in college)! Also @Pink Fuzzy Bunny CONGRATS! Try not to worry about your hair! It's an awesome opportunity!
  10. Declined: Purdue, William & Mary, CU Boulder, Illinois Accepted: UC Irvine
  11. @Josh J. Congrats!!! For anyone waiting on UCSB, I emailed a POI there to ask about a timeline for decisions (we have a good relationship, so I'm not worried about it coming off badly), so I'll update when I know more, if anyone is curious. I would imagine it's bad news, if we haven't heard yet, but the only acceptances on the board are American history, so who knows? I've already committed to another program, but best of luck to those who are waiting!
  12. I've finally made a decision about where I will go next fall! I'm going to be attending UC Irvine! I got a great offer and my potential advisor seems terrific. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear or making decisions! This forum has been so supportive of me even in my most anxious state and I'm so thankful. Best of luck to everyone!!!
  13. "no decision has been made on your application" and most decisions are made in March and April. Welp.
  14. I am currently in undergrad, and I applied to seven PhD programs, and I was admitted to four of them (a few I still haven't heard back from). I think it is possible to find success in the doctoral application process as an undergrad, but you really need to have a direction/historical focus, as well as research experience and languages (but, ultimately, keep in mind that grad admissions is a numbers game and a lot of really qualified people don't get in regardless). If you are looking for funded masters programs, I know that William & Mary offers one. Also, I think you have to be will
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