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  1. Hi, I am in anthropology as well. I would say Fulbright with Rutgers; Rutgers has a really nice program. Cornell was rated a little bit better for their Anthropology program, but they're both in really similar spots on the ranking chart (PhDs.org). Fulbright will look wonderful on your CV as well. But you have to also consider research fit, how you like the department, etc. I saw your other post in the anthropology subforum. It sounds like you are learning towards Cornell. Ultimately, this is your decision and you should do what you think is best.
  2. I say go for it! Before I left to do research, I had long black hair with no visible tattoos. Came back 3 months later with a pixie cut dyed blue and two large portrait tattoos! My advisor did a triple-take; we agreed to meet in the lab a week after my return and he passed it three times thinking I was someone else! He had nothing but good things to say about it, though. Same with my department; they love the colored hair. With Ph.D. applications, it made me stand out apparently in a good way.
  3. This is kind of late, but I figured it would still be good to answer now than never. I'm going to answer you honestly: around 80% of the time, the people I encountered were very accepting of individual differences; were not racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. However, I did encounter (~20%) a decent amount of discrimination. I want to make it clear, though: this happened off-campus (at the beach, at the bar, at the mall, etc). I never experienced any discrimination on-campus, and when it does occur on-campus, it is immediately shut down. I personally didn't witness ableism as much as I witnessed racism and homophobia, but know that it can happen. The best way to deal with it is to immediately shut it down and stand your ground. From my experience, there was never verbal or physical violence that followed afterwords (if that's what you're worried about); typically just pointing out people's bullshit was enough to get them to stop. You can see with the recent NC legislation that NC is in a weird spot, unfortunately.
  4. Hey! This is my one of my hometowns! Lived there for 13 years. In comparison to other universities, I have found that UNCW is pretty laid back. I loved it. Did my undergrad there. It's a beach town, and a lot of students spend their free time downtown or at the beach. Lots of students have a 'beach' appearance, if that makes sense. So wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip flops on campus is pretty common. Hell, a lot of my professors even wore similar attire. I remember one time my oceanography professor cancelled class to go surfing. So be prepared for a massive beach scene, if that's what your into. Not sure if you like the beach, but they have an awesome drive-on beach (for 4WD vehicles) where you can go out there, camp, and have a bbq! The scuba diving and fishing scene is pretty amazing, and during the summer you can scuba dive with sharks and dolphins! Over the past 5 years, I found that Wilmington has been booming. Wilmington is doing very well in terms of tourism, so lots of new unique shops, lots of new apartments and houses, etc. Downtown has tons of unique restaurants and bars, so the night life is good if you're into that sort of thing. The only bad side to this is that it is starting to get slightly crowded. So when I did my undergrad, it used to be only a 20 minute drive to the beach. But in traffic, now it can take anywhere from 20 mins to an hour depending on when you leave. So be prepared for slight traffic. Still, even if you leave in Carolina Beach, the commute is not horrible to UNCW! I know that Wilmington makes the NC news a lot due to gun violence, etc. but honestly in all the years I've been there I've never run into trouble. Just be smart: don't go downtown by yourself late at night, don't start any fights, etc. I always go back to Wilmington for vacation. It is a pretty gorgeous town. I see that you are going for Creative Writing! I did my BA in Anthropology but I took a few writing courses. The professors in the writing department are really nice! I think you'll like it a lot! Feel free to message me any questions you have! I can give you advice about where are the best places to live, to eat, etc. Edit: I forgot to mention that UNCW has been improving their transportation system, so that is definitely a plus! You can get a ride to the beach or to the other side of town via the bus system. Also loooots of fun events on campus. They even have a quidditch team!
  5. Those acceptances are listed back from 2015, but there was waitlist postings from this year. So you are probably right in that they already made offers. Thanks for your response!
  6. Hey everyone- my friend is still waiting to hear back from a few universities. She wants to know if anyone has heard anything from NYU? Specifically to work with Dr. Higham? It seems like they're running late with decisions compared to the timeline they had the past few years.
  7. I have a question. I went ahead and filled out a housing application on UCLA's website for the family apartment housing option. How soon/late will I hear back from the housing division as to whether I was offered graduate housing on campus?
  8. We're using uPack. It's still pretty expensive but it was the cheapest option for us.
  9. I will be moving across country too. Pretty much the same for stipend as well! Accepted into the Ph.D. program for Anthropology. Super excited; never thought I could get into my dream school <3
  10. I was at home, and the acceptance was from my dream university. I thought I had no chance whatsoever of getting on. I was sitting on the couch watching youtube videos when the email came in. I proceeded to run around the apartment aimlessly. I called my mom, and started sobbing hysterically. My boyfriend came back from work 20 minutes later to find me in the fetal position on the floor sobbing. Haha. Every now and then I break out sobbing because I still can't believe it...
  11. This is a hard question to answer since ultimately it depends on the university you are applying to. I would check their websites and see if they mention anything about having a recommended GRE score or a GRE cut-off in general.
  12. One of my friends heard from them a week ago. So they should be sending out information soon.
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