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  1. You could try emailing the DGS at these departments, or perhaps specific profs you want to work with. Send them your SOP and writing sample, explain your background, and ask for feedback. The SOP is super important-- basically don't assume they'll know who you are, and what your application entailed. There has to be something for them to read and thereby provide feedback. If I may ask: is there a reason why you don't want to do the MA? It sounds like from your first post way back, you'd only be interested in the MA if that would allow you to enter a PhD program as a 2nd year student (whi
  2. @transmodalnut I wouldn't recommend going to any PhD program-- even if your POI is your academic soulmate-- without funding. As you mentioned, this $20K TAship tends to last one year, in which case, you have to consider how you will manage the remaining 5-6 years financially. I would ask your POI if they can try to obtain more than a year's worth of funding before attending. Honestly, I feel rather bothered that he would encourage you to go, even with the knowledge that the program can't afford to fund you. That strikes me as selfish and self-centred. Has he thought about how you will pay rent
  3. @ironshieldmaiden Hmm, I think the rule is that if your application is incomplete, they don't look at it. Did anyone specifically tell you that they're currently deciding now? Because it would be rather surprising, considering how offers and rejections have already been sent out. I doubt any department would be as kind as to seriously look at it now when the 2017 cycle is pretty much done at this point. From what I know, Columbia doesn't have a small committee (unlike Stanford) to make decisions, but instead gathers their faculty together, making it even more difficult logistically. It is poss
  4. Columbia's unfortunately already made decisions. I was at the admitted students' event on Tuesday. They've accepted 9 people (8 sociocultural; 1 archaeology). I imagine the waitlist must have gone out as well? Can't confirm that bit though.
  5. Sorry to say, but Columbia's already made decisions. The admitted students events happened yesterday, and are still going on today.
  6. ^I second that. Every single grad student I've spoken to said that it's a really bad idea to take out loans for grad school (be it an MA or PhD) considering what the academic job market is like. I don't have an MA, but majored in my general field of interest so my scenario is admittedly different from those who want to switch from, say, archaeology to cultural. However, I have noticed the program that I am most likely going to attend has taken in a few people with BAs who haven't had field research and hell, haven't studied anthro either. It sounds like the most important aspect of the applica
  7. Is anyone in touch with Columbia? Heard anything from them?
  8. I think the stanford interviews (9 slots) were for archaeology though. I have a feeling cultural does things separately. Looking at older records, they seem to have around 13-15 cultural interview slots.
  9. It was a personalised email from the DGS, Rena Lederman. She said official letter+ stipend details are to come. But invited me to the official visit day (Feb 24th). They wonderfully cover travel and accommodations.
  10. I think "materials needed" probably means exactly that. You should double check to make sure that your application is complete-- has Penn received all your materials?
  11. I have a bit of inside info re: Penn as I graduated back in May, and still remain as an RA to one of the profs there in my spare time. I didn't apply but I can tell you that they will prob issue interview requests in a week or so. I would recommend NOT emailing them. I've been trying to resist emailing the schools i applied to as well because it's really not a good idea to irritate them. The Penn prof I work with advised me "not to appear too hungry" during interviews.
  12. @enfp can you let me know once you've received the official email from UCD? I haven't heard anything from them, so I'm assuming them once you get the official offer, it will translate into rejections for the rest of us who haven't heard back. Congrats btw!!
  13. @homogenius I got the Yale interview. I'm in cultural though, and received the email from the "Coordinators, Doctoral Admissions, Sociocultural, Linguistic, and Medical Anthropology at Yale." Not sure how it works for biological anthro.
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