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  1. Is my application that weak?

    I'm glad we could help out and it definitely sounds like that person is the one out of touch with reality. As samman eluded to, applicants sometimes get into the top 20 schools and rejected from their safety (usually due to goodness of fit). Write a great SoP, apply to the programs where you and your research are a great fit, and keep doing you. <3
  2. Advice Needed

    Before anyone can give you advice or discuss programs, it would be good for you to state exactly what you want to do for your research project.
  3. Is my application that weak?

    As long as you are choosing schools based on goodness of fit, it sounds like you have a good chance of getting in (pending SoP, writing sample, and GRE). Was this a professor, a fellow student, or someone else? What are they basing this on?
  4. Man, 500 limit is tough. I only have that limit for 1 school (though they state it as 4k characters rather than words) and they have two essays (1 for research and 1 for personal history) so it's almost like having a 1k SoP...
  5. I agree with fuzzy. #1 reads as though you don't have any real direction/knowledge of the area while #3 reads as you being too set in your ways/stubborn and unwilling to learn something new.
  6. samman, this may be a discrepancy between our areas of interest. I don't know if it's standard for people in your field to request this info from applicants, but this is what my experience has been. The third I'm waiting on was actually a writer for me last year and they send out a survey so you can fill out your academic information, research interests, any personal hurdles you've overcome, etc. It may just be a bi-product of anthropology; anthropologists like to learn about people.
  7. One of the things that both of my confirmed writers have asked for (still waiting on the third to confirm) is information about the programs and what research I plan to conduct at each school. I created a Google Doc with each school, the name of the degree (I'm switching from anth to comm and degree names range from "Communications PhD" to "PhD in Emerging Media Studies"), the deadline for each app (also arranged the schools by deadline), a paragraph about the program, a list of the relevant faculty/what they do/how I see their work connecting to my own, and my current communication level with them (I've had phone calls with PoIs at 3 programs with a 4th scheduled and a fairly lengthy email exchange with a 5th, but have yet to have really in-depth conversations with the other programs so I felt it was important to include this). Not only was this information requested by my writers, it helped me succinctly state what I like about each program and locate holes in my research of the schools. This actually helped me eliminate 1 program today and get myself down to a pretty comfortable number of applications. I also sent the writers the excerpt of my SoP draft that talks about previous research and how it connects to what I want to do in a doctoral program since they asked for more concrete details regarding my future research project. I plan to input their contact info for all apps at the end of this month since one of my writers can't submit anything after Dec 10th and one of the schools is more likely to award research fellowships to early applicants.
  8. Ok, so about point 2. I do think it could be good to show responsibility and other soft skills given your circumstances. However, what you are doing here is telling me you are responsible, not showing me. It's kind of the opposite of explicitly stating how your research connects to faculty and the program. Anyone can tell me they're responsible and have good time management, but only so many people will actually show up every day on time and will complete a section of a project that someone else was supposed to do and bailed on. For research interests, explicitly stating the relationship is best because it shows self-awareness and indicates you can connect previous publications with your current work (lit review). For soft skills, give examples that illustrate the skills rather than saying "I am responsible because x." Conversely, if one of your LoRs is from your lab director, you can mention that you'd like them to discuss how you were in the lab (not just the work you produced, but how you produced it) when talking about your LoR request. This will carry more weight coming from them.
  9. We've talked a bit before, so take my advice for whatever its worth. 1) There may be some differences here between your area and mine. However, the way I approached this was to mention their research and how it directly ties to what I want to do. For example, one professor is using a methodology that I think will be beneficial to my project so I emphasize that connection while another has a history of looking at these areas connected to my research so I emphasize that. These are not all those profs do, but I tried to show (in a sentence or two) that I have read some of the prof's work (not just their faculty page) and am thinking about the theory and methodology that would connect my work to theirs. I do not think it's appropriate to hypothesize on someone else's work in your SoP. Rather, state that you are excited to explore X with Y professor. X can include future implications, not just the present cut and dry topic, but don't say, "I think your research could go in this direction and I want to work on that." 2) Mental development is difficult to discuss well in your SoP. If not done carefully, this can come off as childish. In your example, "Being part of a lab full time, and taking classes full time, really taught me how to meet deadlines and manage my time better" is something that (personally) makes me cringe. So you took classes and worked in a lab full time, many do. This may still be something you want to emphasize, but framing it the way you have here makes me feel like you might be unprepared for the more difficult load that is a doctoral program. This is the difficulty of discussing mental development. Although you may have grown as a person (and that's good), if you don't discuss it carefully you may give off the impression that you have not grown enough (see your feedback on my SoP about discussing my break from academia). 3) The school already knows what they have and what they don't. They don't need you explaining what they have. They do need you explaining how what they have would be useful to you and how you would be useful to them. Your E.G. tells me what the school has, but it doesn't tie that into your own intended research and ultimate professional goals. Don't leave the adcom thinking, "so what?" when they're done reading your SoP. They should have a clear idea about how they can benefit you, how you can benefit them, and that you will be the perfect fit for their program.
  10. Academic CV?

    My CV is currently 4 pages. It includes my education, research, presentations, publications, awards, other writing experience, and relevant work experience. I included the last two sections because my research interests are primarily in digital communication so I thought it would be prudent to highlight my online writing and other digital work that didn't neatly fit into my research projects and publications.
  11. Faculty Members supporting application question?

    See if you can find an application FAQ for the school. This isn't something I've come across before.
  12. Faculty Members supporting application question?

    Do they have two separate sections to fill out for that question? This could mean professors who you have reached out to who have explicitly said you can mention them in your SoP/when applying. It could also just mean "list the faculty you want to work with"
  13. Thoughts on Applied anthro?

    Go for it.
  14. 1k words/2 pages assumes you are single-spacing the paper. If you aren't, 1k words/3 pages makes sense.
  15. Thoughts on Applied anthro?

    My MA is in applied anthro. What do you want to know?