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  1. I would really appreciate your comments on this essay.

    Ok, OP, I'm going to give my opinion on what this essay would get on the GRE. Remember that this is just my opinion and I'm providing it to (hopefully) help you identify ways to improve on the actual GRE. Ok, on with the grading. Most likely I would give this essay a 2. According to ETS: A typical paper in this category exhibits one or more of the following characteristics: does not present a critique based on logical analysis, but may instead present the writer's own views on the subject does not develop ideas or is disorganized and illogical provides little if any relevant or reasonable support has serious problems in the use of language and in sentence structure that frequently interfere with meaning contains serious errors in grammar, usage or mechanics that frequently obscure meaning The bolded points are the two biggest problems with your essay. There are multiple errors in grammar and sentence structure that ultimately obscured your point and evidence. I had to read the essay multiple times and, although I think I know which things you're trying to bring up, I still don't fully understand what you're saying. I also felt like the essay was lacking nuance and development on your ideas. Your paragraphs are short and bring up points without backing them up with several concrete examples. For example, you mention that current technology isn't advanced enough to eliminate the production of carbon dioxide when burning fossil fuels for energy. However, you never mention why this is dangerous. I don't need you to speak towards what carbon dioxide does to the atmosphere on a molecular level, but I'm hoping for something more than you gave to make it clear why carbon dioxide is dangerous to the environment. Again, this might be due to the issues in grammar and sentence structure, but it's worth bringing up on its own. In short, if I was grading essays based on this prompt, I would expect good/great essays to: 1. Start with an introduction and state an opinion (imo the safe development of alternative energy sources should absolutely be a top priority) 2. Provide a minimum of two points backed up by concrete examples to support this opinion (aka, at least two paragraphs in support of your argument). 3. Allow at least a paragraph to acknowledge reasons for an alternative opinion (ex. the complexity of changing from an energy consumption system that has depended on fossil fuels since at least the Industrial Revolution, especially in the United States where we use more energy per person than anywhere else, may not be realistic. Instead, the focus should be on developing clean-burning technologies that will help us transition in a manageable way). 4. A conclusion if there is time. It doesn't have to be amazing, but I would like to have something that creates a clear end to the essay. 5. Transitions at the start of each paragraph and only minor (or no) grammar and structure issues. For you, focus on transitions, correct tense forms, and not writing in sentence fragments. At the very least, the errors should be minor enough that I still understand what you're trying to say without having to read multiple times (as a grader, I read at least twice, but I should still feel like I understand your point after the first read). Hopefully, this has been helpful. I would like to note that I did grade this as if you are a native English speaker and, given I'm from the US, I mentioned the US in my example. I do not know if English is your first language or what country you're from, nor if the GRE alters grading based on this information. Not sure if that changes how you view my feedback, but I did want to provide the context, just in case. Oh, also to note, you can play a bit with the order of points 2 and 3. I sometimes like to do argument paragraph, counter-argument paragraph, counter-counter argument. Sometimes I do my two in favor paragraphs and then my dissent paragraph. Ultimately, do whichever order makes sense to you. Outlining before writing the essay can help with this, if you have the time.
  2. What would you have done?

    So this is not someone who you've ever met in person or talk to, she threw a fit before because you didn't boost her socials, and now she's out of the blue saying she has a problem with your success. Don't respond. This could be a tactic to get a sympathy boost (I'm sorry you aren't happy. Here, let me help you become more successful) or it could be an attempt to start drama or simply an attempt to bring you down. In all of these scenarios, she is not your friend and is trying to use or manipulate you. There is the offchance that she honestly views the relationship as closer than you do. If you don't want a close relationship with them, I'd also not respond. It sounds mean, but ultimately you need to put your own mental health and business first. Being more successful than another person, unless you are outright stealing customers or something from them, is not harmful to that person. They need to put on their grown-up pants and learn how to deal or confide in someone who can help them get over it (aka a family member, friend, or professional, but not you or random professional people they follow on the internet).
  3. SoP Review Exchange

    Hey guys, Wanted to let you all know that I have submitted my apps. Although I won't be doing swaps anymore, I can still review SoPs. Just DM me
  4. Letters of Recommendation

    Take a breath and relax. All faculty are different. I had one this season who finished all of her letters within 2 weeks of request (in September) because she had to have all her stuff done by Dec 15th (for personal reasons). Another writer is super busy and did them all over a series of 4 weeks (usually on the weekend). My third likes to turn them in on the day they're due. I just send her reminders a couple weeks from the deadline and it's all good.
  5. What if SOP research interests change later on??

    I'm down to look at it @bananabear . Probably won't be able to look until next week though.
  6. What if SOP research interests change later on??

    @bananabear for my MA, the program did not assign advisors at the very start. They assumed interests would change so it was more a process of taking the first courses and spending time in them to identify what you truly want to do. For them, the letter of intent is more about articulating that you are thinking of a project, how it fits in the field, and how it could be done. Secondly, they wanted a balance between the subfields for admitted students (broadly: cultural, physical, and archaeology) so, although I greatly changed my focus, I was still operating within my designated subfield (cultural) and didn't effect the balance of the cohort. The first semester was also used as a time to identify potential advisors and committee members. I was lucky in that I knew after getting accepted but before starting that I intended to refocus on digital anthropology (I'd just started getting traction in online communities and my writing was taking off so it made sense to continue in this field). I was also lucky that my MA was at the same school I did my BA, so I had a good relationship with a prof who does work in emerging technology and was open to a digitally focused project.
  7. How important is it to have 3 LOR?

    You as well @firefoxquantum ! I'm actually at my two-week mark for my first deadline so I'll be emailing my writer tomorrow.
  8. How important is it to have 3 LOR?

    @firefoxquantum many programs will not penalize a student for a late LoR. I don't think it's something they advertise, but it seems to be a fairly common practice to still accept LoRs after the official deadline if the rest of the application is complete. That being said, it's always best to not assume this is the practice and to ask the programs if you end up in such a situation (and also do your best to not end up in this situation if you can help it). I, personally, requested LoRs well in advance and have a schedule for reminding my writers 2 weeks before the deadline if they have yet to submit. From previous applications, I know one of my writers likes to submit on the deadline so I don't stress too much about this stuff. Confirming she has what she needs 2 weeks out helps with my anxiety and gives us the opportunity to address any issues before it's too late.
  9. What if SOP research interests change later on??

    I wrote a letter of intent for my MA that spoke of working with alzheimer's and dementia patients. I ended up doing a project on digital communication and online communities. Things change and it's expected. No one ever mentioned the change or was upset with me about it.
  10. Thank you

    Probably the best way to thank everyone who helped you on this forum would be to join their ranks and help out future applicants. Pay it forward and all that. <3
  11. What would you do if your University Professor cheat?

    Honestly, I find the article concerning. There are many emotional arguments being made (made especially clear by the author's contempt of the accused's allegedly privileged background) and those arguments are masqueraded as fact. Ultimately, there isn't enough evidence presented to condemn the professor (and I think TakeruK presents a nice alternative interpretation of how this "attempt to deceive" could have just been a far less egregious infraction of sloppy records-keeping). There could be, however, enough evidence in this "article" for a nice case of libel should the accused choose to go that route. Investigative reporters work to uncover hidden fact and, in the best case scenario, keep us safe from immoral and illegal practices. However, they can't just accuse people without evidence. The wording in this article is accusatory without enough evidence to back up its assertions, which could lead the author to be in much more trouble than they are trying to get the accused in.
  12. I submitted mine, but I'm willing to read it over.
  13. How important is it to have 3 LOR?

    Is this an application you can't submit before the last LoR is in? If it is, definitely go by their office next week. If it's not, submit the app as is and see if they submit the letter by the deadline. You've sent two reminder emails already, but one more (say Thursday or Friday before it's due) wouldn't be a bad thing if you haven't heard back by then.
  14. Love, Academia and Success

    A lot of this can come down to your own goals and priorities. However, I would stress that you should not give up your academic and career goals for a relationship that doesn't exist yet. If you eventually are in a relationship that you prioritize over your education or career, that's nobodies business but your own. Do what's best for you. Just don't give up what you want for what might be, if that makes sense.
  15. Word/page count guidelines - SOP, Writing Sample

    1. I freelance as a writer and word counts are extremely important in this area. In addition, I've worked as a TA and it's very easy to tell when someone has written more or less than the set amount. Yes, my courses have all graded down for something like this. Although no one will probably spend the time counting your words if they print out the document, it's easy enough to search for a word count in a digital document. In addition, even if they don't count the words, it's easy to tell when someone goes more than 50 words over the limit. 5 words is probably something they'd let slide, but if they put a word limit, I'd follow the word limit (save the wiggle room writing for after you get in and can work with a prof to determine if you actually should write more or less). 2. Be wary of judging someone's tone on the internet. Tone misinterpretation is one of the biggest reasons for arguments (that I've seen) in forums and chat rooms (and I moderate quite a few forums and chat rooms so I've seen a lot). Although if someone is actually attacking you, you should stand up for yourself, context matters. Fuzzy has been around a long time and has a lot of positive cred on this forum (easily seen with the 4.5k+ upvotes and the senior moderator status). They've spent time to give you advice that is probably the safest for an applicant. Please don't discredit the advice because you didn't like the perceived tone or it wasn't what you wanted to hear.