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  1. @GirtonOramsay I just had a grad student in my program tour 5 apartments for me yesterday. I told them what I was looking to find out from their tour and they were able to give me a ton of pictures, some video, and a lot of insight that made me much more confident when telling the property manager which place I'd like to move into in August. I did ask for virtual tours from various property managers, but all of them were much more receptive to me having a "proxy" tour in my stead. I thanked the grad student multiple times and they said to just buy them a coffee when I get there, haha.
  2. Thanks @Oklash! For me, I didn't apply this time with one school in mind. In fact, I made a point not to rank my school list before being accepted so I could go in without bias. I chose a great program, but it was really hard to choose between them and one other program. And I hate saying no, haha.
  3. So I submitted all my declinations last week and I wanted to throw up after. Although I believe I made the right choice for me and my future career, I hate having to say no and have never had to do so for school before (only applying to one school sometimes has its perks).
  4. I'm technically on a gap year right now and I also took time off before undergrand and my MA. Something I did was work on my writing, submit to/present at conferences, and try and keep up with the literature whenever possible. Things that show you're still academically driven even when not in school or great for an application.
  5. @E-P My MA research was on Twitch and I conducted some interviews at TwitchCon last year that led to some interesting information I'd like to present. The theme is just super close to my interests and past research.
  6. @surprise_quiche I think there are different levels of competition for each division. Newer and smaller divisions are going to be more competitive since they have fewer panels. However, that could also mean fewer people are submitting to them. I expect Game Studies to be pretty competitive this year, given the theme. :/ Man, I'm only doing one submission this year. More power to you!
  7. Individual @surprise_quiche . I don't really think I'll get accepted this year (first year ever submitting to Comm), but at least it's good practice, haha.
  8. I'm in a show right now so I'm doing 3 performances every weekend. Hoping to pick up a zumba class after the show to fill some of my time. I'm also working on a paper for a conference that's due this week so that's taking up a lot of time. Oh, and working full time, exercising, reading, modding on Twitch, and prepping for my move. It's a lot, but I think I'm a good mix of stressful and relaxing activities.
  9. Here's how I told my parents. For context, we have a whiteboard in the laundry room that I've been using to keep track of my acceptances and their stats. I erased all that, drew this, and gave them a hint in the morning that it was there (after my mother had already started some laundry and not noticed it, haha). The speech bubble says, "[GreenEyedTrombonist] is going to..." I also sent the picture, with the text, to my sister.
  10. Hey @UWjcw, If the course is truly terribly online, I don't see a reason why you couldn't withdraw. Just be prepared for it to be just as horrible (though maybe in different ways) in person. I had 3 Ws on my undergrad transcripts. I could explain away each one, but was never asked for either my MA or PhD apps. P.S. Just noticed you posted this question in more than one area. That's generally frowned upon here, just as a heads up.
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