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  1. 2018 Applications Thread

    lol @surprise_quiche Congrats and also I'm sorry? I stayed home from rehearsal yesterday (I'm in a musical), but I plan to go tonight after my chiropractic visit.
  2. 2018 Applications Thread

    Lol @surprise_quiche How's everyone doing today?
  3. Visiting School- What to Wear?

    @rising_star Unfortunately, I have a medical condition that causes some facial blemishes. I use makeup to cover them up, so I do feel it's necessary to make a good first impression/look professional. That's why I'm nervous about when and how much time I have to apply makeup. :/ @E-P Good advice! I actually talked with a friend in the program and it seems they run more casual in dress there, so I should be good with business casual for the weekend.
  4. Reapplying to schools,1 yr later--- thoughts?

    If you don't want to go there, why apply? It might look weird to these programs if you're accepted one year, choose not to attend, but reapply the next. On a different front, I'm not really a fan of applying to safety schools. I think you should apply to programs that are a good fit for your research interests and be open to attending any of them pending funding and culture fit. For me, my "safety school" was a program I'd love to attend, but it doesn't offer funding to most admitted first years. That was my, apply and see if 1. I don't get in anywhere else. If that happens, I'll work out loans or 2. on the offchance I'm one of the two first years they choose to fund. Fit wise, I'd very happily attend. Have you visited school A before and therefore know for sure that it is the best fit for you in terms of research and culture (culture of program, department, school, surrounding city, etc)? If not, I'd be cautious of labeling any school a dream school before you've gone in to check it out (with eyes wide open). Unfortunately, there are stories on this forum of people miserable in their programs, several of which have stated they did not do their due diligence researching the culture of their department. If you have done the research and visited the institution, congratulations on finding a perfect program for you! People keep trying to make me say which program would be my top choice if I get in. Truth is, I can't answer that question because I have yet to visit any of the programs to get a first-hand account of what it would be like there. I usually just tell people I'm waiting to decide that until all admissions decisions are in and I've had a chance to visit each campus to which I've been admitted. TLDR: Yes, this depends on the program, but there is a chance that getting accepted one year, declining without a specific change in circumstances, and then reapplying the next year could impact your admission. I don't like the idea of only applying to one program so maybe still apply to the others and either take your chances reapplying the next year or find some other programs (that would be a good fit for you) to apply to that round. Of course, none of this matters if you get into school A, haha.
  5. 2018 Applications Thread

    I'm also interested in online community and communication though I'm looking to do a project about digital political campaigning. Since our interests are similar, I'm pretty sure your likely PoIs happen to be those that tend to email later in the month.
  6. 2018 Applications Thread

    @E-P My friend goes there so I actually have some insight on Madison's interview procedure. Madison will normally do two interviews and, based on my friend's experience, these are largely to discuss the program. Everyone they are considering should get an invite at some point in January for a Skype (maybe in person if local) interview. However, Madison has profs send out their interview invites individually, which is why you'll see a huge spread over the month of January for that in the results. Do you mind if I ask what your research focus would be and what track you're interested in? I know I was freaking out yesterday when the first rhetoric notification went up, but my friend told me one of my PoIs is usually one of the last to send out interview invites and she didn't receive her first invite until January 23rd last year.
  7. Let’s just TALK about it...

    That sucks @realllllJulia . I had some issues with ETS and my GRE scores for two schools, but I can't imagine the added stress of a third party transcript service.
  8. 2018 Applications Thread

    I have an interview scheduled for Wednesday (Skype). Excuse me while I run around in a panic, haha.
  9. Let’s just TALK about it...

    Seriously @surprise_quiche . I think I spent ~900 for all the applications/GREs/transcripts. I'm hoping the programs I visit are fairly speedy with the reimbursing for travel costs or I'll be running on fumes.
  10. 2018 Applications Thread

    How's everyone doing with the wait? Anyone doing anything fun to fill up some of their time?
  11. What is considered a good score on your course/instructor evaluations?

    This is great advice, though sometimes you might get some attempts at humor. I, for instance, had nothing I really wanted my prof to introduce when she did this mid-semester, so I wrote that I wanted her to bring in more baked goods. She brought some in two weeks later (I did try to make it clear that I didn't actually expect anything like that, though the class did seem to appreciate it, haha).
  12. Requiring so many!

    I applied to 7 and one of my writers said that was a lot. One of the things I did was create a document with each school listed along with their deadline (and organized by deadline), which professors I was interested working with there, the name of the degree and department, a paragraph about how I was a good fit for the program, and any other pertinent details I thought could help.
  13. Visiting School- What to Wear?

    Thanks @ltr317 ! I'm flying into Hartford and the department said they'll have someone pick me up.
  14. Visiting School- What to Wear?

    @01sonal I'll only be bringing a carry-on so, depending on room, that might be a possibility. I actually do know a student in the program now so that's a great idea! I'll make sure to ask them.
  15. Let’s just TALK about it...

    @ShewantsthePhD101 Ah. Chances are, he's lashing out because he's worried about his apps (and he may see you as more competitive than him). Still not ok though. That being said, I'm changing disciplines now (was anthropology for BA and MA and now going for Communication) so I definitely know where you're coming from with that concern.