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  1. I feel like it's almost impossible to have an interview and not leave with a "well...I blew that" feeling. I bet it went better than you think!
  2. @waltzforzizi @yzo@mofanthrooo Any guess as to why four were interviewed instead of the usual 15? Not that it matters to me at this point. Gonna throw myself a pity party and then figure out Plan B as this was my top choice too
  3. Not arch. Sociocultural....which is what the one poster posted about. Maybe arch goes out later and you still have a shot!!
  4. @yzo @MofanthroooI'm bummed too. They offered that poster four time slots when in previous years they've offered 15 time slots reflective of the # of people interviewed... so I wonder if funding was that tight this year?!
  5. Looks like an administrator emailed that person offering 4 slots. Eek.
  6. It makes me wonder why some schools ask for a 'diversity statement' and how one's unique background could contribute to the richness of discussion in the classroom/community. if drawing on personal experience is frowned upon, why ask that?
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up submitting an updated CV and got a cryptic "thanks....." as a response from the graduate coordinator. Hoping that's not a "thanks....we don't care" and a "thanks...we're busy but we'll update your file!" instead.
  8. Thank you! It was a small journal, but still pretty cool nonetheless!
  9. Since submitting my PhD apps back in November, I have published a paper (which was under review at the time of submission) and received a significant academic award in my field of study. Is it worth contacting the schools I've applied to give them an updated CV with this info?
  10. I like that a thread about how NOT to think about the PhD application process/decisions turned into a conversation about PhD applications/decisions Edit - I know I contributed to that
  11. Ahhh so much stress before the holidays. I am taking it easy and then will probably panic beginning of January and feel what you're feeling. Best of luck! What is your field? Also feel free to dm if we're getting off topic for this thread (lol...sorry everyone).
  12. You get invites this week?? I thought adcoms didn't even touch applications til after the holidays (regardless of school and program). I'm kind of jealous.
  13. Oops sorry! Didn't mean to freak you out. If it makes you feel better, I googled it and apparently "PhD" is also allowed. I installed Grammarly on my computer recently and it keeps correcting PhD to Ph.D. I guess because it is more "formally correct". Anyway, ignore me. I am sure you did just fine on your apps and in the grand scheme of things, this will not matter!
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