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  1. museum_geek

    Learning New Language in Grad Program

    Yeah, it's pretty common. I just spent the last 6 weeks taking courses in an indigenous language while doing preliminary fieldwork. In fact, my department encourages PhD students to use the summer in between 1st and 2nd year to learn a new language that will help with fieldwork.
  2. museum_geek

    Applying for PhD without masters?

    You have a strong CV - VISTA and Peace Corps will look especially good to anthro programs. You don't need publications or a Master's thesis to get into PhD programs, but you will need to be more specific about a potential research topic - geographic region, especially. If you have the money for it, I would suggest applying to a mix of PhDs and MAs. You'll probably get some PhD offers, but a Master's might be a good route as well in terms of honing your research topic. This comes with a giant caveat - only do a Master's if you get funding! I'm not sure which programs have funding available, but there's more info about that elsewhere in the forum if you care to find it. If you're interested in MedAnth, you might also check out the PhD programs at WUSTL, UCSF, UCSD, and Brown. Best of luck with your applications!
  3. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    I've been in my program for a year and I'm still expecting this to happen!
  4. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    I can't speak to other people's experiences, but after I accepted my offer last year I got a quick note - maybe two sentences - from my DGS confirming that they had seen my acceptance and were looking forward to seeing me in the Fall. I didn't hear anything else from them until mid-June, which is when they sent along a giant packet with orientation information, insurance/tax forms, my first TA assignment, etc.
  5. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    @EvelynD Congrats, Washington State is a great program. Have fun in the PNW!
  6. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    @Bschaefer Congrats! Amazing program, awesome location, and of course I'm super jealous that you get to collaborate with the Field Museum!
  7. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    @Bschaefer @EvelynD So happy this cycle worked out for both of you! Which programs did y'all end up choosing?
  8. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    From what I've heard, UVA has sent out a few offers - at least one each for linguistics and archaeology. I've also heard that at least one of the sociocultural folks from the visit got an offer, so @AnthroScout if you haven't heard by now you're probably on the waitlist. It might be worth checking in with the department at this point to ask about your status and reiterate your interest in the program.
  9. @GameofLoans16 If you applied to MAs this cycle, then funding should be your top priority.
  10. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    Congratulations! I'm so happy things have worked out for you this cycle!
  11. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    Don't take out loans for grad school, especially if it's for a PhD program! However, it might be worth talking to the department to see if they can scrounge up any more money before moving on to another offer.
  12. museum_geek

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    Hi! I'm currently a PhD student at UVA, and while I'm not sure about when interview invitations are going out, I can tell you that our recruitment weekend for finalists will be going on February 22-24. When I applied to the program, the process went like this: I participated in a phone interview during the first week of February letting me know I was a semifinalist, and was notified shortly thereafter that I was a finalist and invited to the recruitment weekend. The recruitment weekend is an event where ~10 finalists spend three days in Charlottesville living with current grad students, interview with faculty members, and attend a couple different parties at the homes of faculty members. It can be a stressful experience, but ultimately it's a great way to find out if you'll be a good fit in the department. In any case, if you've reached the semifinal stage you should be hearing from the department soon about a phone interview. If you make it through the phone interview, you'll be a finalist and you'll be invited to visit Charlottesville. If that's the case, shoot me a PM - I'd be happy to show you around town!
  13. museum_geek

    Anthropology Acceptance Stats

    There's a reason many people take two cycles to find a decent offer - there's lots of competition, especially for programs that fully fund all their students. When I applied last year, the DGS at the program I ended up at told me they received about 75 applications. They accepted six people, and we ended up with a cohort of four people. Ultimately, I think it's best not to think about the numbers game and just try to control what you can control. You will get the right offer if you keep at it!
  14. museum_geek

    Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Looking over my spreadsheet from last year, it looks like UC San Diego is due January 3, Rice is due January 15. Also, Vanderbilt doesn't have an application fee!
  15. museum_geek

    SOP Mistake: "Sociocultural" instead of "Social"

    It really shouldn't make a difference. Referring to the discipline as social anthropology usually means you follow the older British school of anthropology, i.e. Radcliffe-Brown, Bronislaw Malinowski, W.H.R River, A.C. Haddon - basically structural functionalism with a later move towards the ideas of Gluckman's Manchester School. To be honest, a lot of programs consider the terms interchangeable. Basically, social anthropology has historically sought to isolate particular social systems which determine kinship, interpersonal relations, economy, law, etc. On the other hand, cultural anthropology is more concerned with the ways in which broader cultural milieu affect individual subjectivities. Cultural anthropology has basically sought to outline the customs and institutions of a culture, and in so doing attempt to dig into what it means to be an individual in a given culture. So, using the term sociocultural anthropology typically includes a bit of both social and cultural anthropology, in that it includes a more rounded view of culture which brings the so-called "culture concept" outside academia while remaining valid for ethnological study. So, starting at the beginning of the 20th century, we see a move towards sociocultural anthropology spearheaded by Franz Boas, Edward Sapir, Marcel Mauss (influenced by Durkheim), Ruth Benedict, Zora Neale Hurston, W.E.B DuBois, Saussure, etc. Basically, unless you somehow manage to hop into a time machine that transports you to the 1930s, you shouldn't worry about it.

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