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  1. SoP Advice for Cultural Anth

    This is a great starting point for your SoP. I think writing about your intention to study these issues in whatever region you want to work in should be more than enough, and mentioning some of the theoretical frameworks you're interested in (as you've already done) is plenty. I don't think adcomms will expect you to have a fully formed project just quite yet, especially coming straight out of undergrad. I wouldn't spend any time writing about your lack of ethnographic research - instead, write about what you have done. What you're working on in your thesis, how you see your current research contributing to future work (if at all), etc. You should also spend at least a paragraph writing about your fit within the department and which professors you want to work with. Feel free to PM me if you want someone to look over your SoP. I'm also happy to share what I wrote for last year's application cycle - this goes for everyone applying this Fall!
  2. Fieldwork Proposal for Previously Unknown Region

    I got multiple offers last cycle and I had never been to my proposed field site.
  3. GRE Score for Anth PhD Program

    Your scores are fine - I had a 163 VR and a 150 Quant and got multiple offers last cycle. In the case of anthropology admissions, GRE scores are one of those things that won't sink an application unless they are absolutely horrendous, like 140 VR 140 Quant or something like that.
  4. 2018 Cycle Applicants

    That's a pretty good list of schools you're applying to, but I'd advise you to drop Johns Hopkins - their PhD program focuses solely on sociocultural anthropology. You also might want to check out Stony Brook and Penn State, which are both known for having strong physical and biological anthropology programs.
  5. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    @EvelynD I can take a look if you want. Regarding U of Texas, I applied last year and remember the application process being weird and confusing. I basically had to submit two applications: the first went through the entire U of Texas system, and when that finally got approved after a day or two I was directed to another site where I had to do a more specific application for UT-Austin. It's a great department but they make you jump through so many hoops just to send in an application!
  6. visual anthropology - what are my chances?

    You might also check out the University of Southern California. They have a reputation for being strong in visual anthropology.
  7. visual anthropology - what are my chances?

    NYU is supremely difficult to get into so you might as well apply to both programs.
  8. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    It's going well so far! The first couple weeks were overwhelming at times, but now that we're 6 weeks into the semester I have a better handle on things. I'm really fortunate to be in a close-knit, supportive department - everyone has really gone out of their way to make our first year cohort feel at home. The workload has been heavy and teaching 60 students in addition to classes gets stressful, but that's just part of the bargain!
  9. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Only half of the professors I emailed last cycle responded. Of those who did respond, only about half had meaningful responses beyond "just apply and we'll see what happens." I didn't have any prior contact with the professors at the school I ended up choosing, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  10. MA vs PhD Anthropology

    I did a standalone MA (in interdisciplinary social sciences, not specifically Anthropology) before starting my PhD and I think it has been useful so far. Doing the MA first helped me to formulate more concrete research interests which was nice for PhD applications. It was also helpful in that I had the opportunity to write a thesis and do a few conference presentations, which provided me with better writing samples than anything I would have had applying straight out of undergrad. Spending an additional two years in grad school before starting a doctoral program was certainly a pain in the ass, but on the whole I think it was a valuable experience and I certainly got offers from schools that wouldn't have given me serious consideration were I applying with only a BA.
  11. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    @GreenEyedTrombonist Sounds like you're kicking ass with your SoP. I didn't finish my first draft until the first week of October! Also, I wouldn't stress too much about cross-disciplinary letter writers. My letter writers last cycle were a museum professional with an MA in Art History, an anthropologist, and two historians (one of whom has PhD in American Studies).
  12. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    @Bschaefer I have no doubt you'll get in this cycle, especially after how close you came last year with only a couple apps sent out!
  13. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Super late response but yes, feel free to send me your SoPs! I remember how stressed I got about writing a SoP when I applied last year - I ended up going through 4 or 5 drafts before I felt comfortable submitting applications and even then I wasn't totally confident in what I had written. I'm happy to pay it forward after all the great advice and edits I got last year, so feel free to get in touch!
  14. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Hi all, I applied last cycle and I'm now in the first year of a PhD program. I'd love to stay active on this forum, so please feel free to use me as a resource during the upcoming application cycle. I'm happy to offer advice, edit SoPs, share my own application experiences, etc. Best of luck to everyone this application season - feel free to reach out for any help you may need as the (incredibly long) application cycle keeps moving.
  15. Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    I have to agree with @hats on this point. I'm starting a PhD in sociocultural anthropology this Fall and I applied with an interdisciplinary master's degree and an undergraduate transcript filled mostly with archaeology courses and field schools. I think continuing to develop your research ideas will help your applications quite a bit!