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  1. Hi! I'm so glad to see a thread like this. I'll be starting my MA in the anthropology department this coming fall at UTK. My focus is historical/bioarchaeology and my research interests currently center around expanding our understanding of the lifestyles and experiences of populations that are not generally included in the written "canon" of history. I am really excited, but also pretty nervous. I'll be graduating from undergrad in two weeks(!!) and went to school in my hometown (Columbus, OH/OSU) so moving even two states away is going to be something of an adventure. I am also starting to look at housing and would love to hear if anyone else has heard anything about where grad students typically live in Knoxville. When I visited last fall I thought the city was beautiful and had a very cool energy. I am also definitely looking forward to exploring the state parks in the proximity! Good luck to everyone with their transitions!
  2. Thanks for all of your advice. It's good to hear that I'm just being paranoid! I did call the department a few days after my email didn't get a response to confirm that my acceptance was received and noted on the right lists and things. My main concern regarding the move wasn't that I needed specific information from the department, but more that I might be planning this move without the right confirmation or missing some crucial piece of knowledge. Hopefully I didn't come across as self centered or expecting to be fawned over in my original post, I'm just in a place where I'm very nervous/excited for this whole experience and I'm letting that get to me. I know that I am capable and ready for graduate school, I just still keep half expecting to get an email telling me they made a mistake accepting me! Once again, thank you so much, I hope everyone else is having a great transition into summer!
  3. Hey Guys! About 3 weeks ago I committed to a program that I am really excited about. I sent an email to my advisors and an administrative person as requested in my acceptance letter, and then also called to confirm with the department's front office a few days later to confirm that it had been received. The problem I'm facing now is that I haven't received any sort of contact from the department since. Is this normal and should I just keep waiting for more information or should I call/email my contacts in the department to see what next steps I should be taking? I know that these past few weeks have been pretty heavy with conferences and all of the other usual spring obligations, but I'm trying to plan a move across multiple states and I'm still not even sure what I need to be doing to enroll in courses, etc. I have no idea what the proper etiquette would be in this situation, or if it's normal to have this kind of radio silence. Basically, I was really excited about this program and confirming my attendance, but now I'm worried that they weren't as interested in me as I thought or that I've made a mistake in my decision. I have no idea if this is the normal process or if I need to be more proactive in contacting my advisors and the department. Any advice on how to move forward or handle this would be greatly appreciated! (Also I wasn't sure if this was the right thread to post this in, let me know if I'm not being relevant and I can post somewhere else!)
  4. Update: Just called West Florida and they said letters are being sent out next week!
  5. Probably should have asked before I sent it, but I just emailed my POI at one of my accepted schools to ask about funding decisions as at the time of my acceptance three weeks ago the committee hadn't met yet. My main goal was to feel out if they had met since then and if there was some kind of timeline I could expect in hearing from them. Was this a huge mistake/example of poor etiquette? I don't think I came across as impatient or begging for funding, I just wanted to clarify what I could expect moving forward in the process.
  6. I am huge fan of the dark jeans/nice blouse/flats combo for these visits. One thing that I happened to noticed that my other friends who dealt with different programs don't deal with is that for anthro you're usually touring different labs (sometimes even walking through trails and stuff in my own experience). I would recommend some weather-reasonable layers just because the temperatures can widely vary from location to location!
  7. Ahhh it sucks to still be waiting, but I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one waiting on them since I hadn't seen a lot about UWF in this thread. I hope you hear good news from both places!
  8. Still waiting on University of West Florida. Their apps were due at the beginning of January so I'm not holding my breath, but I also hadn't seen if anybody on here had applied or heard anything either.
  9. That's really frustrating I'm sorry For my application, the portal said it delays the actual graduate school letters from being released until 3 business days after the decision is officially made (which my decision was made on a Thursday so I had to wait a whole weekend too! Hang in there!) I would check today or tomorrow for the decision letter in the portal, but contact the department directly if you don't hear by the end of this week. I don't know a lot about the etiquette for this kind of stuff, but I feel like it's a positive to ask for any feedback they might be able to provide about reasons for rejection and stuff? Don't get too discouraged, I'm sure there are still some awesome things in store for you!
  10. For UTK I know the portal updated my app to "decision made" and then I had to wait 3 business days for the actual letter to be added to the portal before I could see it, so maybe it's a situation like that? Either way fingers crossed that you get good news!
  11. That's what I was thinking, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything important! I figured the brief thank you was appropriate and then the decline/acceptance once I've made my decision. Thanks for your input! I'm new to the professional etiquette so every bit of advice helps!
  12. Hello! So I've been fortunate enough to be accepted into three different MA programs this cycle, and I'm still waiting on one more school before I hunker down and start making my decision. During the application process, I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up, and so now I'm at a loss as to what I'm supposed to do now, because quite frankly I wasn't sure that I would get this far. Currently, I've sent emails to my POI at each school I've been accepted at thanking them for the offer and letting them know that I am very excited about possibly attending their program, that I hope to make my decision in the next few weeks, and plan to reach out to them if I have any questions. Is there anything else that I should be doing in order to keep lines of communication going and to follow appropriate etiquette guidelines? I've had a really great support system of undergraduate professors and graduate students that have given me some advice, but I would also love to hear what everybody else is doing post-acceptance to ensure that professional relationships stay open and friendly even after decisions are all made! If anybody else is running into any other etiquette dilemmas or has any need to vent about navigating this limbo period between acceptance and final decision making, feel free to use this thread as well!
  13. I work at the childcare center on our campus and we are also always open. Since we employ undergrad students as a big part of our staff too we almost always have staffing shortages bc they go home for break while faculty and hospital staff don't. On campus employees have to stick together during break weeks!
  14. I know OSU's offices are definitely open for spring break! I wouldn't be surprised if some departments exclusively meet to do funding during break when professors schedules don't have classes
  15. Yeah, I'm excited to go and get some new perspectives, but it's definitely annoying when your undergrad institution is one of the top choices for what you want to do! If you get in and end up going to OSU, I can definitely say that all of the grad students and faculty that I have interacted with have been great!
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