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  1. TheNewGuy

    Funding Packages

    'Sup, all. Just wanted to clarify how people are structuring their calculations; e.g., if you post something like "$30k/year; $5000 summer", does that mean 25k for the academic year and 5k divided among the summer months? Thanks and congratulations to all!
  2. TheNewGuy

    R1 vs R2: Does it really matter?

    That Anne Allison article on academic precarity recently published in CulAnth might be worth perusing. Very eye-opening. https://culanth.org/fieldsights/1310-academic-precarity-in-american-anthropology
  3. TheNewGuy

    Unknown LAC to good Phd program

    I have a friend who went to a relatively unknown LAC that just got into Oxford's master's program (with a 4.0 GPA). He had the same concerns as you have now and chose not to apply to any PhD programs as a result. It worked out for him!
  4. Hey y'all. Was wondering what people typically wear/are planning to wear to recruitment weekends (I've already been admitted and have accepted the offer to the school I'm headed out to this weekend). Will be touring the school, meeting with professors, interacting with graduate students (dinner, brunch, etc.). It's over a weekend. I was planning to wear a button-up with a nice sweater/cardigan, business casual-ish shoes, and a nice pair of dark jeans. Too casual? Don't want to go the full suit route, wouldn't feel comfortable in that and I think that'd only make sense if I hadn't been admitted into the program already. I have some slacks but they don't fit nearly as well as the jeans do . . . I hate everything to do with clothes! Generally seems program-specific so I thought I'd post in the anthro boards. Thoughts would be appreciated!
  5. TheNewGuy

    Applying for Fall 2018

    Same here. Dying to know about that UC Berkeley admit . . . dying to know in general, really.
  6. TheNewGuy

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    If anybody needs a little pick me up, here's a cute video of puppies doing puppy things: The anxiety has reached new heights! Complete radio silence from the five other schools that I've applied to. Argh.
  7. Depends. Sometimes POIs will personally email prospective students to set up interviews, other times it's the department that will send out a mass e-mail. If it's the latter, you're almost certainly out of luck (as is the case with my top program at the moment)--it means the short list has been finalized.
  8. TheNewGuy

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    Can anybody from the recently interviewed Harvard crew confirm whether or not all interview requests have been sent out? Thanks and congratulations!
  9. I love everything related to theory, bring it on! Thanks @phyanth for that recommendation!
  10. Fellow anthro-minded folks, help me compile a reading list! Articles, books, bring 'em on! As long as it has something to do with anthropology or culture, I'm all eyes (particularly interested in queer theory stuff). Have finally recovered from the torture of undergraduate readings and have been able to read again for pleasure (I know, I know!). Picked up a new book (1491, recommended by the folks at the SYSK podcast), have been delving into readings from old classes (which I knew were interesting back when I was still taking those courses, but it's nice to have the luxury of time in order to better enjoy those interesting bits).
  11. TheNewGuy

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    Yeesh, is it just me or is the anxiety really starting to kick in now? Congratulations to the chosen few invited for interviews. Still waiting on my schools to pop up onto the scoreboard . . .
  12. TheNewGuy

    Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Woo-hoo! I, in the meanwhile, am still waiting for one of my professors to submit their LoR. Ahhhh . . .
  13. TheNewGuy

    Prepping for the 2018 cycle!

    Best of luck, all. It just figures that the schools I'm most looking to hear from seem to send their notifications out in very late February/early March!

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