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  1. I didn't read the "SLP" sorry 😂 I'm waitlisted for my top choice and I have been keeping up with the graduate advisor each week letting him know I am still interested and asking him how to prepare. He has been sending me a lot of research to keep up with. Every time I get an email from the program I start freaking out. Waiting is so stressful. My parents are pressuring me to apply to jobs instead but I'm crossing my fingers. Congrats to my fellow waitlisters who are being accepted!
  2. So I was waitlisted from my top choice school about a month ago. I was emailed by the graduate advisor yesterday asking how I was doing during quarantine super casually and if I have any questions that he could answer and sending me links to past thesis presentations to get ideas. I want to make a good impression and send something back but I get so nervous when I look at the email. Should I send in a couple of questions that I have? The message was so nice and I was caught off guard. Advice much appreciated!
  3. Hey you guys!! I'm super excited to find other people applying to museum studies programs. Congrats to everyone!!! I'm currently waitlisted from my top choice: University of Washington ❤️ I'm holding out for good news :)))
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