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  1. I’m from the south and I ended up not going to Indy and going to Texas. It’s awful here and honestly I would do anything to leave. I would absolutely not recommend anyone going anywhere without touring first. I went here in a rush decision after being sad about going to tour Indiana and it not being for me, and now I’m stuck in this literal prison.
  2. Is anyone else on a waitlist to a school that keeps the waitlist open until classes start in September? There’s still openings in the classes (you can easily check online) but they keep saying that I might not hear back until a week before classes start, and it’s on the quarter system for starting late September and most universities are supposed to start in August. It’s my dream school and program, so I don’t know what to do. I could start at a different school and withdrawal and move, but it would be literally across the country and I am not going to sign a lease for where I currently hav
  3. Has anyone done the museum studies masters programs at Texas Tech or IUPUI? Or just any programs at Texas Tech or IUPUI? Like does anyone know what it’s like to live in Lubbock or Indianapolis? I’m part of the LGBTQIA community and don’t really want to be anywhere super conservative. (Like I know that it’s Texas and Indiana but hopefully I could get some better insight than that) Thoughts?
  4. Anyone know about lgbt life in Indy? Like are there events and safe bars and things? Also does IUPUI have a gay friendly campus? I know Indiana is known for being conservative and I’m very liberal and looking for the opposite of that.
  5. Hi you guys, wondering if anyone had any opinions about Tulsa, OK or Indianapolis, IN? I was accepted both of these places but I’m not willing to move anywhere uncomfortable.
  6. Waitlisted at my top choice for the second year in a row. I got into 3 safeties but my top choice was really the only one that I fit with. Checking gradcafe and email constantly. I know someone who has already been accepted off the waitlist for a different program and I just want it to be me
  7. I know there’s art history forum but there really isn’t a forum for just museum studies applicants this year and I thought This would be the best place for it. I have applied to like 6 places, accepted to IUPUI, University of Tulsa, and Texas Tech. I was waitlisted at University of Washington. I haven’t completed my application for Johns Hopkins but I’m submitting that as well. Anyone else stuck in waitlist limbo?
  8. Hey you guys, There was a thread similar to this last year for museum studies applicants and I wanted to make one for students applying for next fall. I was waitlisted until the first day of class last year from from first choice so I will definitely be applying there top priority. How are others feeling about the apps this year and where are ya'll applying?
  9. So I am trying to get started in museum work and I don't know where to start. I have applied to grad schools for the past 2 years (and rejected, waitlisted from my favorite and told to reapply) but because of a bad year from a disability during my undergrad degree, my GPA is less than a 3.0. I have a high GRE score and good grades since then. I have been teaching for ~2 years since then and know that museums are what I want to do. Should I take more undergrad classes, get a second bachelors, get a graduate certificate, reapply to grad school again anyway, get an online masters, or wait for job
  10. I was rejected from a program back in February that just said that I was not recommended by the major itself and never got a rejection from the university. I just received an email that said I was accepted (as an international student which I am obviously not, but I did do some international classes) and need to be there by the 22nd because classes are about to start and I am not sure if it was fake or not. Any ideas??? Super weird. Wanted to know if anyone had gotten an email like that today specifically by Syracuse?
  11. Hey you guys! Is anyone else in a program that is (at least for right now) online? How do you feel about it?
  12. I didn't read the "SLP" sorry 😂 I'm waitlisted for my top choice and I have been keeping up with the graduate advisor each week letting him know I am still interested and asking him how to prepare. He has been sending me a lot of research to keep up with. Every time I get an email from the program I start freaking out. Waiting is so stressful. My parents are pressuring me to apply to jobs instead but I'm crossing my fingers. Congrats to my fellow waitlisters who are being accepted!
  13. So I was waitlisted from my top choice school about a month ago. I was emailed by the graduate advisor yesterday asking how I was doing during quarantine super casually and if I have any questions that he could answer and sending me links to past thesis presentations to get ideas. I want to make a good impression and send something back but I get so nervous when I look at the email. Should I send in a couple of questions that I have? The message was so nice and I was caught off guard. Advice much appreciated!
  14. Hey you guys!! I'm super excited to find other people applying to museum studies programs. Congrats to everyone!!! I'm currently waitlisted from my top choice: University of Washington ❤️ I'm holding out for good news :)))
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