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  1. Hey! I know this is technically an Interview Thread question, but I can't quote this in a different thread so I'll ask here- Do you happen to know if every admitted applicant is interviewed at UVA? I saw a couple informal interviews on the Results page. I haven't received an interview invite, but I haven't received a rejection either... Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm, good point. I also wonder if it's the gap between the graduate school and the department, and their respective processes? On the plus side, this less-streamlined process actually probably means applicants know earlier, even if they know in pieces.
  3. Yeah, this wait is awful! It'd be nice to know you at least have somewhere to go next fall hah. Best of luck! If you get in and I get enough funding for my broke self to be able to afford to go there, maybe I'll see you there.
  4. This may be way too basic to help people here, especially if you're like me and have been interviewed more times than you can count, but in my previous career one of my duties was hiring and interviewing applicants (pretty competitive almost 12-month process with multiple interviews, but not academic). What I noticed was the most common (and easily avoided) mistake was interviewees not acting like real people. Being a little warm and convivial makes a huge difference, rather than coming across like a well-read automaton. Even if you're not going to be working directly with the person you're interviewing, there's still an aspect of "Would I want to work with this person?" So for anyone who gets really uptight whilst being interviewed, that's my (potentially unneeded, fully unsolicited) advise. Also if you're practicing with a colleague or friend first, I highly suggest also practicing being the interviewer. I honestly think the best way to learn how to be interviewed is to be the interviewer.
  5. Thanks!! I applied to the sociocultural subfield within the Anthro department. It's only been 2 weeks since their deadline, so I'm guessing other departments are still making decisions? Did you apply to Psych? I'm not sure how other universities do it, but in my current grad program the admissions committee of the department meets (sometimes more than once), makes decisions and forwards them to the dean of the school (sometimes negotiating over applicants with lower GRE scores and such), then the list is accepted and notices are sent out. I've also heard from some programs that some of them send out decisions based on when competing programs send out their decisions, competing over overlapping visit weekend dates.
  6. Thanks! It did not; the last line just said "If you have any questions specific to your program or funding, we recommend contacting your program's graduate director." I suspect I won't be communicating too much from here on out with the grad school, as much as the Anthro department. Mostly, I was trying to decide if I should play the wait-three-days-after-the-first-date game or not, or if it was standard for the department to send out emails later.
  7. So I was wondering what is the best way to initiate the conversation about funding and the existence of a visit weekend. I just got a notification of acceptance to Binghamton ( ?!), but it says nothing about funding or if there's a visit weekend or anything like that. It is the generic acceptance email from the grad school as a whole, not from the department. Should I wait or should I reach out to the Anthro department about these questions? I was never interviewed and none of my POIs answered my emails (understandably; it's super busy that time of year), so I haven't actually spoken with anyone at the department before. Thanks so much!
  8. Hey Y’all, I went a little overboard and graphed all the decision data from the Fall 2018 cycle for the schools I’ve applied to, then decided someone else might find it interesting too. It’s not well done and is hard to decipher in the photographs (I felt like doing it by hand instead of on the computer for some reason), but you might find it interesting if you happen to have applied to any of these. Y-Axis: Schools/Programs -Binghamton SUNY -Brown -Cornell -University of Oregon -UVA -Vanderbilt -Vanderbilt Sociology (probably not helpful for any of y’all, but I originally made it for myself so…) X-Axis: Dates Color Codes: -Green- acceptance notification -Red- rejection notification -Navy Blue- interview notification -Pink- waitlist notification Disclaimers: *These include formal and informal interviews (anything anyone tagged as an interview on the results page) *Only data from the Fall2018 cycle *Sample way too small for most to have any significance whatsoever and admissions procedures can change year to year *Obviously these data are all from the self-report page so it’s probably not terribly valid as a whole… They're too large to attach but this is a link to the Google Drive Folder with them. If I had more time I'd do them digitally and go back 5 years, but I think I've maxed out my procrastination allowance today and need to get back to real work.
  9. @perpetualalligator I'm at Vandy now and apparently the committee has just barely started into the admission process. I've asked around about the interviews/visits, but haven't heard much back.
  10. Sorry; this is a slight digression, but does anyone know the vague time period for interviews and/or admitted visit days? I’m sure I’m not the only one trying to make Spring plans and I haven’t a clue if it’s safe to commit to plans in April or not. Thanks so much! PS- I’m so glad someone started this interview dataset! Only grad students would collectively make a website for data sharing...
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