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  1. Interviews and even waitlist details have been updated on the board. Someone on this forum has reported having got an admit into the MA program while they applied for the PhD. I haven't heard a peep and the portal resolutely says 'No decision'. But I am guessing it is a reject if I haven't heard anything till now! Sorry for giving you less than positive news.
  2. Oh yes! Why would they do that even? This was so ridiculously sloppy. I still cannot get over the 'Fw:' bit.
  3. Oh same! This just said please find attached a response from the graduate director. Not even a generic 'dear applicant'!
  4. Just got the reject mail. With the standard 'Decline.pdf' attached. And to add insult the subject said 'Fw: Admissions Letter'. Not even a mention of my name. 🙄 Sorry. Just sour grapeing about this.
  5. I got neither a reject nor an acceptance from Cornell. What could it mean?! Just. Need. To. Know.
  6. I wrote to UTornoto and I got a reply saying that the admissions committee meets through Feb and they send out results in March mostly. Not sure if that is actually the case or if it is just a standard mail sent to anxious people waiting for results!
  7. At this point I am assuming an implied rejection for Rutgers. Sigh.
  8. Has anyone heard anything about UToronto? They had an earlier deadline than most other programs for WGSS.
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