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  1. Hey I think it would be okay to contact your POI at this moment. According to the results page, it seemed like a generic email though.
  2. It seems like UPenn also sent out the acceptance letters! It is my second time applying for phd programs but I will probably have to prepare for my third cycle in this situation. Now I am really curious what would be the most important factor/aspect in the anthro Phd admissions - I just don't know what to do to make a big difference in the next cycle haha
  3. Thanks for your reply! I think interviews have been sent out. There were 2 results on the results page saying that they got their interview requests from Stanford in archaeology and sociocultural anthropology.
  4. Similar question! Is interview part of the admission process for Stanford? Do you have to expect to get rejected if you don't get an interview request?
  5. It seems like Stanford sent out interview invites too (according to the results page). Haha I'll just give up my hope on this cycle.
  6. @LetsGetThisBread Hey can you tell me more about Emory? Did they send out interview offers already? I'm asking because it seems like some people got rejection letters (or interview offers based on what you said) but I haven't gotten anything from Emory so far....
  7. I was worried about the same thing, but thank you @pmcol for your insight and warm words! Btw, does anyone know what's going on with Emory? I saw that some people got their results from Emory (according to the results page), but I haven't gotten anything so far. Should I log in to the website to check it?
  8. This is my second time applying too!! I saw that someone got an interview offer from UPenn on the results page. Would it be better to expect "no" from UPenn since I didn't get it...? ? I'm afraid to see all the results rolling in haha
  9. At this point, I just want to get at least a reject letter from the rest of the schools. I wanna finish this painful cycle.
  10. Did Stanford send out the result already? I thought nobody heard any news yet in archaeology.
  11. Any updates from UPenn? Did they already notify all the shortlisted people?
  12. Do you think it would be a bad idea to send an email to Stanford graduate program director and ask for timeline for decision? I also wanna know if they handle sociocultural and archaeology separately or if they (did/will) interview archaeology applicants. I don't think she will give a clear answer, but I just can't stand this soul-crushing process...
  13. Did UMichigan send out acceptance letters? Does it mean rejection if I did not get anything so far? Haha... I REALLY need a plan b.
  14. I applied for arch too! I am not expecting anything at this point tho..... I guess just funding was too tight? I also need to figure out Plan B as a non- U.S. citizen. I am really hoping to find a way to stay in the states and continue my study.
  15. Me too.... I even had a pretty long conversation over the phone with professor before I apply....sigh....
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