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  1. Literally logged in just to upvote this. Totally agree with E-P as I’ll also be 41, 40 with my PhD if I’m lucky/speedy. ? it is true that lots of people are changing careers in midlife - and many without the opportunity (for various reasons) to chase after what they really are meant to do. So go for it! I think it will actually pass a lot quicker than we all think.
  2. This is a super cute idea! I love that you found a plastic train.
  3. I moved abroad from the States to a Caribbean island with my dog. Like previous posters stated, it required a a series of rabies titers and a health check 24 hours before travel. Your destination country will have detailed requirements, and as long as you follow them you should be fine. I will say that you should check the airline carrier you will be traveling on. Some carriers have requirements as to landing with animals in a certain climate (heat/cold) but this may be for animals in the hold, and not in the cabin. I will admit it was one of the more stressful parts of my overseas move, but it was mostly because I couldn't travel in the cabin with my corgi and had to put her with the cargo.
  4. I'll see some of you at Purdue's welcome weekend next month!
  5. That sounds interesting! I'm waiting on two more actually. The wait is torturous!
  6. Congrats on your acceptance! One of the schools I was also waitlisted at last year only accepted 4, so 11 is not too bad. May I ask what concentration you are interested in?
  7. Thanks! Fingers crossed for sure. I was on their waiting list last year so would love some good news.
  8. Well Purdue for one Amherst is the other I’m keeping an eye on in the results board.
  9. Thanks! Yes that was what prompted my question. Looks like from the results board Purdue has sent out at least 3.
  10. Hey everyone. Was just thinking that If I started this thread I should pop in every once in a while. Anyone here have one of the Purdue acceptances? I was curious if anyone knew about how many people they typically accept each year?
  11. Ha yes, come Jan 20ish I'll be in a different mental state probably. Luckily work keeps me busy otherwise I'd be going crazy. Good luck at the drs!
  12. Filling them out...actually obsessing over the personal statement. That's the worst. Now although I'm waiting, I feel like I have my weekends back. Heading to the beach this weekend for the first time in a while.
  13. All done with apps finally. Seemed more of a struggle this year - perhaps being more careful with my apps? Now just the wait!
  14. Fine tuning SOPs at the moment - aiming to have everything sent off and done by this weekend. Eeek!
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