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  1. Dares

    2019 Applications Thread

    Humanities programs take longer to send out admissions decisions because they have to review long writing samples, and the nature of the decision is more complicated in general I think. Hard sciences have the advantage of relatively straightforward research proposals, easier to quantify applicants. These are my speculations of course.
  2. Dares

    2019 Applications Thread

    So the interview post means that if we haven’t heard from that program at this point, we can write it off? Not sure how the admissions process works at Wisc-mad.
  3. Dares

    2019 Applications Thread

    Can anyone shed light on the preponderance of interviews in this field? I was under the impression that Humanities-tending disciplines didn’t do them, but after browsing some it seems like a lot of Communications PhD programs do indeed hold interviews with prospectives. Anyone care to confirm this with specific schools or share experiences?
  4. Dares

    2019 Applications Thread

    Hello all. I'm assuming most people have submitted the majority of their applications by this point. As far as I know the only schools with deadlines still out are Rutgers, NCSU and Wisconsin-Madison. I did my undergrad in Rhetoric, and my Master's in English, but I concentrated on critical media studies in both degrees and I've recognized pretty clearly that my research will fit best in a communication department with a cultural studies emphasis. My top choices are USC, UPenn, Duke (I applied to their Literature department, which has a New Media bent) and Brown's Modern Culture and Media program. I'm here like the rest of you, clenching my entire body with nervousness and so trying to release some of the anticipation with communal sharing. Best of luck to everyone who has applied. Maybe we'll meet each other face-to-face in the coming months.

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