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  1. @karenmill - congratulations! Do you mind sharing the track you applied for? Waiting to hear back for Media and Cultural Studies.
  2. @kaithewriter Hey, I did my MA at University of Florida! Go Gators! Did you take classes or work with Marsha Bryant while you were there, by any chance?? She was on my thesis committee! I'm in a similar boat because I am also working right now. It's difficult to balance application prep with a full time job.. which is why I gave myself two years out of school instead of one. I'm also trying to debate whether or not I should include a professional reference, since I work in an academic department at a university. Based on what I've read so far it seems best practice is to make sure all of
  3. Hi all, This is probably a tad early to start this thread as the 2018 one seems to have just recently wrapped up, but I can't be the only one here who's already started this process, right?! Plus, I figure reading everyone's replies will motivate me to send that e-mail or make that edit to my CV that I've been putting off Anywho, here is my list-in-progress: Temple University, UCSD, University of Minnesota (considering for both Comm and Asian Languages, Cultures, and Media), IU-Bloomington, Penn State, UMass-Amherst, USC, UC-Boulder I have my MA in Mass Comm and I'm primarily
  4. I would find that very useful! Thank you for suggesting it
  5. Thanks for letting me know Kyjin! Looks like a great program, I'll definitely be adding it to my list. If you wouldn't mind taking a guess, based on what I wrote in my last post, do you think I would be a competitive applicant for a TAship in that particular program? I appreciate any insight
  6. Hey folks, Long-time lurker and first-time poster here. Also a little late on the bandwagon in deciding that I want to try for an East Asian Studies MA for this application cycle, but I figure I still have time My main concern is trying to find a program with funding available for a terminal MA, so I really appreciate the suggestions above. I really hope it's not a pipe dream. I know taking out loans is almost inevitable these days but I am trying to avoid it if possible. I've saved money from my job, but holy moley is grad school expensive. My background: History major, concentra
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