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  1. At this point I am just trying to get through the day. I need Queens to hurry up and make a decision so I can feel confidant in my decision.
  2. Geography- UNC, York, UMBC, Non Geography- Minnesota, American University Also one nice wait list from Brandeis in Anthro
  3. Aww thanks I am not Canadian and while I knew it was a long shot they had some folks I really wanted to work with. I applied to the PhD program. I did get into my other Canadian school but they wanted a decision to early so I had to decline sadly.. Whew this has been a crazy cycle and a even crazier year. While it will hurt to not get in I dont understand why they just wont reject folks so we can move on.
  4. Hey did you ever hear from Queens? That is my last school to hear from and I am like come please.. I emailed the admin almost two weeks ago and she said they still had yet to make decisions.
  5. Just curious how folks are doing.. I have one outstanding application that I am waiting. Yeesh this cycle is gonna go down in the record books for being dramatic and all over the place.. Good luck to everyone out there still waiting on schools and/or having to make tough decisions.
  6. Thanks for that update. That really helps those who applied to that program. I applied to two Canadian schools and I know its gonna be a long wait.
  7. I am wishing all of you all luck but just in thinking about in years past.. Yale, Harvard and Brown always seem to let folks know mid Feb to early March, this includes admits and rejections, so it should only be a little longer.. I am in the same boat for the geography and anthropology programs I applied to..
  8. Thanks. I appreciate. As far as the Yale webinar, yeah it happened last year and had folks freaked out.. Yale tends to send out info mid to late Feb and early March so hang tight. Hopefully you have a great outcome.
  9. Yeah I was one of the Minnesota admits. That was the only American studies program I applied to in this cycle tho. Definitely happy and surprised by it. I still have 9 more schools to hear back from however which is less stressful but I would like to just now so I can make some major plans soon. Thankfully school is back in session so now I am busy again and dont have time to worry about it as much.
  10. Well I have done one interview this cycle. I prepped by writing out some questions I wanted to ask them. I think this is helpful. I also briefly wrote the interests of the faculty that were doing the interview in case I need to reference their work in a response. I wrote out my research interests and my potential dissertation project out. I found it helpful to look down a occasionally but it was useful when asking questions at the end. I think this is super important. I learned form job interviewing that when they ask you do you have any questions. They actually want you to ask some. I try to only ask 3 questions. Hopefully this helps and good luck. I almost applied to Berkely as they have 3 faculty whose work really aligns with mine but I just cant imagine living in the bay area with the rental market the way it is. as a grad student( or even a professor for that matter lol). As far as York, yeah I had to talk to like 8 faculty before I found one who would be willing to sponsor me to get in. That is the hard part about Canadian schools. You have to have a an advisor from the start and might not always happen especially if they are not taking students despite being a good fit for you.
  11. Yes indeed.. Well good luck. I had applied to Yale in a previous cycle. It is a great program and the faculty I chatted with was super nice as well as a graduate student I spoke with. I will also share I had similar exp with Brown. One faculty was super nice but another one was well...
  12. Actually, we only have one overlapping school. I applied to Queens too.. I also applied to Chapel Hill, Syracuse(this was a late entry), Oregon, York, Rutgers and UMBC. I have some interests in urban and economic geography but I guess I would classify myself a a cultural geographer who studies geographies of race through urban space and political economic activity. And yes, Canada surprisingly had so many programs I was interested in but also as an American I knew it would be super hard to get into so I just applied to two programs. I wonder why Canadian programs are going in a such a different direction than US at least in terms of the urban/economic side of the house?
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