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  1. This is very helpful! Thank you for your input. I was definitely having an anxious moment.
  2. Sorry to be blunt, but that does not answer any of my questions. I am aware of how LORs work. This professor sent me a copy of her letter after she submitted for some reason. Didn't ask for it.
  3. Hi all, I am applying to English and American Studies' PhD programs in the US. All of the schools to which I am applying require 3 letters of recommendation. I have one very strong LOR from an undergraduate professor (Ivy League, very reputable, well known in the field), one from a current master's professor which I believe should be pretty strong as well, and finally one letter from an old lecturer from my current master's program as well. This final letter is the one I am concerned about at the moment. Her letter is quite short and while it does explain I am a strong student, the content itself is not very in-depth. My question to the forum is as follows: will two strong letters of rec offset one OK letter of rec? Conversely, will one OK letter harm two great letters? As you may tell, I am anxious! Any advice would help. Thank you!!
  4. Hi All, Happy to be on-board with all of you during the application process! I'm hoping someone can help answer a question I have regarding letters of recommendation. My undergraduate background is in the humanities, and my graduate background is in the social sciences (clinical social work). I am now applying to PhDs in English and Cinema Studies. I have one letter of rec from a very close professor from my undergraduate institution, and one from my current Social Work program. That being said, I am having trouble finding a third letter writer, because my current master's institution has been cutting a lot of professors. Do people think it would be okay if I had another letter writer from my undergraduate institution? I am thinking of someone who had previously said she was amenable, however it would be the same letter she wrote for my master's applications. She explained she only knew me as an undergraduate, and therefore could only include a letter that attests to the same information she previously submitted as i was applying to my current master's program. I believe it was a very strong letter, nonetheless. Any advice or recommendations would be immensely appreciated. Thank you!!
  5. Hi All: First time on gradcafe. I'll be applying to English & American Studies PhD programs this coming cycle. Glad someone has already made a thread in which we can connect! I am recently finding myself having to make a decision concerning letters of recommendation, and I am therefore seeking advice. I pursued a bachelor's in English at a reputable undergraduate institution where I performed very well academically. Three years out of college now, I am in my 2nd year of a master's in social work, a program I selected because I also have an interest in psychology and culture. My question for those who can help is as follows: is it okay to use a letter of recommendation from an undergraduate professor (albeit one whom I had four to five years ago)? I feel my undergrad degree is more relevant to the English/American Studies Phds, even though my masters is still pertinent in other ways. Thus, is it okay to have two letters from undergrad professors, and only one from my master's program? One of my undergrad professors says she will simply use the same letter she wrote for my master's degree. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
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