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  1. Anybody know about Harvard's notification timeline for American Studies?
  2. Very true! It actually seems that a LOT of UCLA departments are releasing decisions as we speak, according to the results page these past two hours. Perhaps I became anxious too quickly! Fingers crossed y'all
  3. 100% lol! I wish they would provide us with a set notification date, or even just a range. But c'est la vie.
  4. Apparently UCLA has notified for Gender Studies on 1/30 over the past two years...fingers crossed yall!
  5. Are you referring to UCLA Gender Studies? Have they historically offered recruitment visits to every finalist?
  6. Congrats! Did you have an informal interview with them beforehand?
  7. When does UCLA typically notify for Gender Studies, does anybody know?
  8. When does UCLA typically notify for Gender Studies, does anybody know?
  9. Anyone else also apply to UCLA's Gender Studies program? Haven't heard much about WGS programs on this thread!
  10. Hello! I've applied to UCLA's Gender Studies PhD. Excited to hear back!
  11. Has anyone heard anything about the status of USC's Cinema & Media Studies application cycle? I see on the results page that someone was contacted by a POI. Is this normal for USC?
  12. I really wouldn't worry about that. These things happen, and I highly doubt your last semester courses will be a determining factor in your admissions decision.
  13. Naive question: Do most English/humanities PhD programs conduct interviews after the application deadline(s)? I've been under the impression that the writing sample is in lieu of an in-person interview. Can someone help clarify? Thanks!
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