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  1. Rejection from Northwestern's Screen Cultures. Was actually feeling quite confident about that app since I wrote the extra essay to apply for the Critical Theory track. Oh well.
  2. I applied and haven't heard anything. Looking through past years it seems that some people get interviews? But also that some people are admitted/rejected without hearing anything beforehand. Results should come out this week from there, based on previous timetables. I wasn't too confident about my app, so I'm not too surprised I haven't heard anything.
  3. Yep. I'm applying to English and Film programs. I just had a non-interview interview at Wisconsin-Madison, and it was just talking on the phone about movies and some of the papers I've written for 70 minutes. Slightly stressful but mostly just nerdy in a really enjoyable way.
  4. Got an email from a member of a graduate committee at a school I applied to asking if I would like to talk on the phone. "Not a formal interview in any way, just a chat." That's not nerve-wracking at all. I think it's mostly to get me to flesh out some of my research interests and try to align them in a better way with the department than my statement does. Ergh. Talking on the phone.
  5. Yep, mine are also still showing as missing. I sent them back in October.
  6. First one, probably, but they're indistinguishable from the standpoint of the committee.
  7. PDFs for everything. I think it's stated and required by most programs.
  8. I calculated mine with just the classes listed in my department or cross-listed. No Foreign languages or general ed requirements. It bumped my GPA by about .1, so I didn't fret over it too much.
  9. I've gotten a firm no on including outside jobs on my CV from my letter writers. Maybe there's an exception for a writing center/ tutor. I put volunteer activities under "service." One application I've completed (Harvard's bizarro application) asked for my entire work history, year by year, specifically asking for all part-time jobs. That took a bit to fill out.
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