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  1. Welp, there's Yale finished. I think that was the only place that was competing with the acceptances I have for me.
  2. Nope. I applied English/Film Studies. The English results went up a week or two ago, so I assume they've moved on to the Film section. I think I saw an acceptance last year for the end of February.
  3. Same, trying to finish my undergrad thesis and write my talk for SCMS; all the while just watching my phone in case it says New Haven or Cambridge calling.
  4. This is sometimes even more complicated. Anything you're getting paid for as labor, being a GA, TA, PA, etc. will almost certainly be taxed. It's just down in the university as a regular job. Anything you receive as a fellowship may or may not be, but probably won't, so you'll have to pay estimated taxes.
  5. In the exact same boat. Rejection and forward to MAPH, waiting on Brown, Pittsburgh, Harvard and Yale. But Madison was probably my top choice anyway, so I'm happy.
  6. Got a call on Saturday afternoon from Jeff Smith at Wisconsin-Madison admitting me to the PhD program. Super excited. Definitely one of my top 3, choices. My SoP didn't make me sound like a great fit, very focused on migration, border studies, and refugee images, but I got an interview and tried to explain why I thought W-M would make me a better, more well-rounded scholar and I guess that's what they wanted to hear. After 3 rejections this was definitely a cheer up.
  7. Emails from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee will be my death. So many letters close to Madison.
  8. Looks like it's mostly going to be the first two weeks of February. I'm still waiting on 9 programs, I think, so looking forward to (possible) multiple rejections per day. yee-haw.
  9. Going to the giant extravaganza that is SCMS in April in Colorado. My University, in its wisdom, can't find any travel money for me because I'm graduating at the end of this semester. Luckily I found a cheapish flight, but bureaucracy gets ya down sometimes.
  10. Nope. I had already written it off as a rejection because I saw someone else got an interview. But I got an email from J.D. Connor yesterday explaining the reasoning behind accepting me to the MA instead of the PhD. Full funding, but not a lot for LA.
  11. Accepted to USC's Cinema MA tonight after getting the Duke English rejection this morning. That softens the blow a bit.
  12. Looks like Duke English is starting their Monday morning off productively. Just received an official rejection. Wasn't too surprised, since I'm a film person and I didn't tailor my SoP too much to fit in better; I mostly just applied to work with Toril Moi, anyway.
  13. Rejection from Northwestern's Screen Cultures. Was actually feeling quite confident about that app since I wrote the extra essay to apply for the Critical Theory track. Oh well.
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