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  1. Texas Tech in Lubbock has an online (and parallel residential) PhD program in Technical Communications and Rhetoric that has does some interesting things, I hear, especially in its Technology and Culture emphasis area. Not Literature per se, but in the English department. Here: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/english/tcr/PHDTCR/default.php The problem with it as I recall is that the online program doesn't offer funding. 😕
  2. Ramzi Fawaz ("The New Mutants") teaches at U Wisconsin-Madison English, and hails from GWU American Studies. He's also currently working on the new Keywords book for Comics Studies, co-editing with Shelley Streeby at UCSD (used to be Literature, nowadays Ethnic Studies). I know at UW (the other one, U Washington) there are several people doing comics work in their PhD - in English, and also in History. Honestly, though, I'd take a look at the leadership and conference line-ups for ICAF and the Comics Studies Association, then trace who's teaching where, and perhaps email some folks. I say email because while it's easy enough to find who's doing the scholarship where, I think it's harder to figure out which institutions are best for funding international students, in those particular departments, so you may have to outright ask, or at least look at their admission statistics. Sorry to not have a more direct answer to your question. Good luck!!
  3. To my knowledge, your acceptance of an offer is only binding if it came with a financial award, and only if left in place after April 15. In order to accept funding from a second school you would have to decline the first funding offer in writing before April 15. Any offers left accepted after April 15 become binding if there's money involved, and you would have to get a release from one funding school in order to accept another. To my mind, until you have a guaranteed GA'ship at UWM, there is no financial offer to accept, so that if you accept UWM's offer of *admission* and later decide to go with Davis, you wouldn't have to first obtain a release from UWM. Also, simply having accepted the offer of admission from Davis wouldn't be binding right now either, unless there were funding involved. But I'm not a lawyer. Here's the actual resolution, by the way: https://cgsnet.org/april-15-resolution For offers of admission only, you can always withdraw even after April 15. In my personal opinion, that's where you are right now - I think you're safe to go on accepting both, as long as neither has actually offered you money.
  4. That transnational reach is what brought them to my attention. And that early deadline was a challenge, so I completely sympathize. Thanks for the well wishes!
  5. Uncloaking to say one of those is mine. Thanks! It was my only solidly Literature program this round, and a long shot - I came to it via a pretty nontraditional path. But it's a good place for me and I'll likely say Yes.
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