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  1. Thanks for making the thread, @dilby! And, YAY, @mandelbulb!! I literally just made my decision official today. I, too, will be attending UCSD's Literature department in the Fall! So excited to be a part of such an interdisciplinary and transnationally focused department!
  2. This was me before my second visit, tbh. But because of my graduate school naïveté, and coming from a small and poorly funded state school, I decided it was best for me to take into account what I wanted to get out of a graduate program (and the surrounding city, as well). Ultimately, at the end of my second visit (South Carolina), I immediately knew which program would be best for me to develop as a scholar. It had nothing to do with the faculty or students there, in fact they were all great, but it's just a matter of fit and where I'd be happiest (despite SD's high cost of living). I think t
  3. These questions are addressed in general to all current PhD students (1) What are some things you wish you would've asked during your visit(s)? (2) What do you suggest entering students should do to better prepare for their first year? (3) Additionally, what would you have done differently, if anything at all, in the years leading to qualifying exams and dissertation writing years?
  4. I'd agree with @trytostay on business casual. Unless it's an interview + visit, then I'd opt for something a tad bit more formal.
  5. U Mass rejection letter finally uploaded to my application portal. And I'm anticipating a CUNY rejection as the fit is rather tenuous compared to other institutions I've been rejected from. So, I'm just gonna call this cycle over with! Hopefully everyone receives acceptances from their remaining programs!
  6. Delighted to say that UCSD just warmed this cold MN boy’s heart with an acceptance :‘)
  7. @FriendlyNeighborhoodWolf Wow, this is amazing lol
  8. @Warelin Huh. Well if that's the case, hopefully I do not hear from them today!
  9. strange that a UCSD rejection is on the board before even one acceptance... ?
  10. assuming that I can add Rice and UT - Austin to implied rejections... (womp womp)
  11. Congrats to all of the acceptances across the board today! So many!
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