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  1. Just accepted Northwestern’s offer. Anyone else?
  2. @kendalldinniene i never thought about the funding differences between private vs public. I need to look into that. I fell in love with the faculty and the place for the public school so I’m feeling down because everyone seems to be pushing for the more prestigious one (I’m still keeping an open mind).
  3. Hi everyone! Has anyone here chosen a less prestigious PhD program? My choices are down to two schools, one is a private school (ranked #18) vs a public school (ranked #51). They both offer the same kind of financial assistance. However, the latter is located at a very reasonable place (price-wise) vs the other. The (less prestigious) school also has more faculty I would like to work with—although not as well known—compared to one person at the other school—this faculty member is a big name. I also have a family so the more affordable place has a lot of allure. I’m just nervous this is something I will regret. Anyone has personal experience or tips?
  4. @tacocat211 congrats! I’m really trying to stay in Texas so I would love to receive more funding for the program, but at this point I’m not sure if I’ll get more. That’s awesome! Are you going to be at the visit this Thursday?
  5. I was wondering if anyone that has been accepted to the English PhD program at Texas A&M received any information on fellowships nominations? I received an offer with stipend and all on Feb 4th, but I’ve received better offers and now I’m just waiting to see if they will offer a fellowship or not. This is a top choice for me because of location and faculty , but the stipend is half compared to another more prestigious offer I’ve received.
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