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  1. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Ann Arbor, MI

    @Onwarrdz I am relocating to Ann Arbor from Berlin, Germany, and share your concerns about a more parochial living experience. The academic program is excellent but I have a hard time conjuring enthusiasm for Ann Arbor. The university-area rental stock is in terrible shape and incredibly expensive. As far as I could tell during my visit, there are no major grocery store or useful stores in the downtown, meaning one has to bus/drive just to get day-to-day necessities. We are currently car-free and want to remain that way, but it seems impossible to do so given the town's infrastructure. I'm sure I'll find elements of small-town living that are enjoyable and appreciate what others have laid out, but ugh, I'm dreading this move.
  2. ExileFromAFutureTime

    2019 Decisions Thread

    I accepted the University of Michigan's offer, PhD in American Culture. Feeling strangely ambivalent about it; it's a great program with tons of resources and I'm excited to begin the journey, but I do not like the location at all. Hoping to make the best of it as no offer had everything I was looking for. Now to have a glass of wine. I'm relieved that this part of the process is over.
  3. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Here Comes the Sun/ Waitlist Movements

    I received an email from director of admissions at NYU stating that they won't be going to the waitlist. Well, damn.
  4. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Here Comes the Sun/ Waitlist Movements

    Removed myself from the Emory waitlist. Fingernail biting time.
  5. ExileFromAFutureTime

    NYU livability on program funding

    Also on the NYU waitlist and hoping to hear something positive by the end of this week! My partner and I would love to be in the city because we absolutely hate the idea of having to get a car and organize our lives around driving. We currently live in a city and are finding it difficult to imagine the next five or six years in a college town. A question in a similar vein: how is NYU healthcare?
  6. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Here Comes the Sun/ Waitlist Movements

    Checking in - anyone considering declining NYU? My waitlist purgatory continues.
  7. ExileFromAFutureTime

    [UX/IXD] Pratt vs. Parsons vs. SVA vs. NYU vs. CCA

    Hi, my partner is a director-level interaction designer. He recommends SVA for a more 'straightforward' UX/IXD experience. CCA may also be a good choice, given that it is work-oriented and only a year in length. NYU is more experimental, a meeting place of art and technology- not exactly what you're looking for.
  8. I needed a friend to tell me this so I'll tell you: also apply to top-ten programs. Apply to some ivies. Don't limit yourself to the 20-60 range.
  9. ExileFromAFutureTime

    2019 Decisions Thread

    Back at you @dilby, you made a decision yet?
  10. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Here Comes the Sun/ Waitlist Movements

    I'm on NYU's waitlist and I know there's little movement until April 15. Plus, their visit weekend has not yet occurred. Still, I'm curious if anyone is considering not attending NYU? I'm assuming if I do get in I'll have 24 hours to make a decision. Eep.
  11. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    I remember an earlier post where you were leaning towards Brown over Michigan - how did you come around to Michigan in the end? Glad to hear there's closure on your decision.
  12. ExileFromAFutureTime

    2019 Decisions Thread

    It's looking like U Michigan for me, barring a status change on waitlists.
  13. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    I've officially turned down the University of Houston's funding + fellowship offer.
  14. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Prestigious program or not?

    Not exactly prestige, but what about resources? Which school will give you the tools you need to undertake the research you want? Professionalisation? Help you get to conferences? Pay attention to your work and connect you with opportunities? One prof at a lower-ranked school encouraged me to go a 'prestigious' one - not for name, but bc the program could offer me more support. She said this knowing that my interests alligned really well with her own at the lower-ranked school. But yeah, I feel you. Its like a never-ending pro and con list that I'm kicking around in my head all day.
  15. ExileFromAFutureTime

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    Okay, the future is coming into focus. Last week I declined York University's fully funded offer + fellowship (English). Today I declined Purdue's fully funded offer + fellowship (American Studies). I think the finality of the decision is what has been giving me trouble; the moment before deciding my life could go in multiple directions. By saying 'no' I'm giving up an alternate academic experience and a hypothetical life elsewhere.

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