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  1. hi all! i have a new student orientation day tomorrow for my second choice school. i was planning on attending the graduate school portion and the departmental portion, but yesterday i was accepted to my top program! so the likelihood that i'll ultimately go to the school i'm visiting tomorrow is very slim. this being said: should i feel obligated to go to the graduate student portion tomorrow? it's from 8-1, and i would truly rather just go to the department section (1-4) because that seems the most relevant. thoughts?
  2. yeah, she's super super talented. Quashie writes his theory in a very poetic way you might also like. Hartman is also really good, she's one of Sharpe's mentors.
  3. Read it a couple months ago for my class on Black spaces! Her iteration of the wake is very similar to the research I want to do Have you read any Spillers or Quashie's The Sovereignty of Quiet?
  4. Here's the post I was talking about (below)! You interacted with it so I'm assuming it's old news to you, @lissabennett1 I haven't received anything of yet, so here's to fingers being crossed that it's a silent wait list and not an implied rejection.
  5. I read the post where we are expecting to hear from UT Austin in the next week or so now, but does anyone have any insights on the current situation? not sure why they would send out waitlists and rejections but no mention of acceptances... unless those people happen to not use GC at all? it's one of my last programs to hear from and I am just ready for closure!
  6. also, EDIT: my mentor said my program i've been admitted to is a top 20 program, not anything specific or grounded in data. so it's entirely possible he was assuaging my deep existential worries but id prefer to believe him 😂
  7. hi all! newcomer here! glad to have found this space, which seems a bit more inviting than those results boards.... yikes. so i'm currently looking at one acceptance to my last choice school (i'm waiting to hear from two other schools, but not holding my breath any longer). the school i've been accepted to is a decent school - top 20, but not top 10 like the other schools i applied to. so, i'm not a shut out. but do people decline and apply again, even if they got into a decent school? i just let my hopes get raised and now feel confused about whether it was my materials that kept me from
  8. Did you apply to AAPHI or just the traditional English department?
  9. what does it mean when schools have supposedly sent out letters and you don't receive one? ie when a school sends out waitlist and rejects and you haven't gotten zilch.... this waiting game is my own personalized hellscape.
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