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  1. oh no it was a total portal check after seeing other portal checks lol but then I also got an email around 10:00am today
  2. Also waiting to hear back from Stony Brook!!! I was also thinking it should be this week and my fingers are crossed! I actually dreamed about it last night lol And that official Rutgers rejection came through this morning -__-
  3. Received Temple funding news via email if anyone else was waiting on it. Placed on waitlist 😕 fingers crossed that changes.
  4. I sent an email to UDEL who wants to scream with me?
  5. Has anyone else applied/heard anything from UDEL? I know there was one post on the board back on the 18th but I didn't see any others and nothing has changed in my portal.
  6. Haven't heard anything; as it's the only school I've been accepted to I'm also REALLY hoping to be offered something! Fingers crossed for both of us!
  7. Alright I give up on Rutgers today looks like a stressful Saturday ahead!
  8. Rutgers really has me in a state of constant panic. Just let me know either way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm looking at it as I expect to see Rutgers acceptances on the board today or tomorrow. If I don't hear by then but there also isn't anything on the board then I'll still have hope.
  10. *phone stare intensity increases* Please, Rutgers. Please call me today.
  11. Has anyone applied to UDEL and seen any updates on their portal? I know some people were accepted via phone but I haven't heard or seen anything and I'm ANXIOUS
  12. I like that feeling. I'm worried with the snow though. I work at another University in NJ and we're just waiting on the word from the pres to close down.
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